Play Pop Music on Piano

Many pianists, despite their advance classical knowledge on music, fail to play pop music on their favorite piano. Sometimes it feels embarrassing. Furthermore, young people want instant gratification from their piano course and playing pop music is such a way. Nonetheless, both the youngsters and the oldies often express their confusion about how to play pop music on the piano. Therefore, today, this step by step guideline will take you into the world of playing the most famous pop music on your keyboard.
Pop music or popular music!

Ordinary people often get confused with these almost identical expressions. The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians defines pop music as revolutionary rock and roll music since the early 1960s to till now. Whereas, popular music is commonly used to recognize the songs popular among people, ideally the hit songs. 

Playing pop music on the piano: An easy way

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or have some knowledge on the keyboard, these instructions will come handy to play pop music in your instrument at ease.
Essential instruments

If you want to play pop music successfully on your piano, you need to accumulate some necessary devices. These are-
  • Piano
  • Intervals preferably right-handed
  • Chord arpeggios
  • Damper pedal

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The all-important steps -How to Play Pop Music on Piano

I am assuming that you are an amateurish pianist who wants to play a pop song for personal satisfaction. Therefore, I am starting with the beginner level steps-

1. Use your memory wisely: Many beginners waste their time as they straightforwardly start memorizing the extended eighty-eight keys setup. Instead, be smart, and learn the first set of twelve keys.
2. Remember the flat and sharpness: It is a relatively a smooth proceeding as the right keys are for sharpness and the left keys for flat notes.
3. Learn the chords: Let’s keep the process simple. There are two different types of chords in a piano-
  • The minor chords
  • The Major chords
You can play the major chords using a ’four to three’ method and the minor chords with a ‘three to four’ way. For instance, to play the dominant chord of pop music, put your finger on the main note at first. As you press the key, go up along with four cores and then extend your fingers to reach the third key. On the contrary, while playing the minor chords, position your finger at the main note, move along with the third key and then to the fourth key. Isn’t it the most straightforward trick you ever learned?

4. Let’s look into the world of Google: Now that you have learned how to play the piano, it’s time to start playing your most favorite pop song. Type the name of your favorite music in the Google search box followed by the words ‘piano chord’, find the harmony and start playing it on your piano.

For instance, if you are a fan of Michael Jackson, you can practice and search for his piano chord. Find the chord and enjoy playing it. 

Final thoughts

Playing pop music on the piano isn’t a tough task; nonetheless, it requires time and effort to master the skill. I recommend you to practice it relentlessly until you are satisfied with your notes. Otherwise, things might get a bit lunatic for you. Hope your piano music will satisfy you. Happy music!