cashback rewards

Now a day’s offers, discounts, and cash backs attract the customers a lot. A variety of applications, bank debit, and credit cards, and other schemes are available for the customers. These options motivate customers for big purchases.

The banks set a particular rate of cash on a fixed or flexible purchase amount. By doing this they increase the number and amount of transactions. This is a chain that gives a three-way benefit: 1st-way profit is to manufacturer or supplier of the products and items which come under offer. 2nd-way profit is to banks, whose card customers are using for shopping. 3 rd way profits are to customers who are earning cash backs after every purchase.

Sometimes customers have confusion about the actual offer and the tricks to use the cashback offer. Due to this lack of knowledge, they fail to earn enough cash back they can avail. Using cards is not the only way to earn cashback but also it promotes cashless transactions. The cashless transaction helps to reduce the circulation of black money in the market, which is amazingly helpful in the proceeding of a corruption-free country.

Few people know very well how to use their cashback rewards. I was very surprised to know that my friend George (imaginary name), has visited the US six months ago, and his travel was almost free. George is a person who is an expert in using the credit cards and availing the discount deals. He has used his cashbacks and reward points for his US trip.

That day I thought why I am not earning such type of discounts and cash backs as I was also a credit card user. I asked George to tell what exactly I need to do to achieve the cash backs and discount deals just like you. George laughed at me and said,” You don’t have to pass a course for this”. I was watching his face with an amazing expression. Then he bought a cup of coffee for him and me and offered me a seat near him. Then he discussed a few points which everyone should keep in mind if they want to earn cash backs and discount deals.

Below are the same points that George has shared with me:

George has shared

  • Selection of credit cards: Now due to competition there are several banks that offer credit and debit cards with great cashback and other attractive deals. First of all select a genuine bank card which is acceptable by almost all retailers and online shopping websites. If your daily or monthly purchases are high then you can go with the card that offers good cash backs and coupon deals on purchase. If your withdrawals, traveling, and other expenses are very often, then select a card with the good traveling deal. Also, check which bank’s card is available with better offers in comparison with other banks.
  • Appropriate use of cards: Don’t get confused while using your credit and debit cards. This is an obvious thing that today people have more than two banks cards. Cards of HDFC bank, ICICI bank, CITY bank, Axis bank and more are so popular for shopping. Usually due to confusion they use the wrong card during shopping or another type of swiping. This is the biggest reason why they fail to achieve the actual benefit of their cashless shopping. So be calm and use the appropriate card to successfully target coupons. If you are doing shopping then use the cards which are containing good offers on shopping.

If you are traveling or watching a movie then also the selection of an appropriate card will lead you to achieve what you want. Have patience and then think twice before you swipe your card.
  • Maximize your shopping with cards: This is a third and very simple way to successfully grab various attractive cashback and other discount offers. Reduce your cash transaction and focus on credit card payments. Try to make all your bill payments and recharges by using your cards with great offers. You may get lucky draws and scratch cards by applying this idea.
  • Trick to use credit: In some cases, banks offer you a good deal on the purchase on EMIs. Similarly sometimes backs offer better deals on the credit or loan amounts. If your loan against credit card offers a good deal then you must go for it immediately. You can use that amount for whatever you want to purchase or can invest in other things. The main concern is to stay alert on offers and grab the offer immediately.
The more you will use your cards and achieve the deals bank will provide you more offers. You can also get a prime membership. Under prime membership, banks offer much better and high-class deals to their prime members.

Use of reward points and scratch cards: This has seen that after some time at a sudden point user’s stop noticing and dealing according to their coupon codes and rewards points. If you are also doing so that means you are losing a good offer. Take care of your reward points and use your coupon codes to redeem it. Few one-time redeem points under the scheme needs to be used once, so if your amount against reward points is bigger than you can use it for abroad traveling. Some big purchases such as on festivals or occasions can also be a good idea to save your expenses and get the best possible benefit of using your cards.

I have started following the above-mentioned ways that George has told me. You will not believe but in the last two months I have earned some very good offers and my reward points are also going well on every purchase. I will suggest everyone to use these tricks to get benefit on their every single purchase.

If you are spending an amount to buy something that doesn’t mean your shopping is done. The world is full of smart people who think far away to achieve big on their small investments. My dream is to visit Singapore by using my reward points or cashback amount. Now I am desperate to use my cards and accept using cash for each and every transaction. One more benefit of using my cards for different types of payments is that I am now able to take a record of all transactions which was impossible while using cash for the same.

As I am going to change my lifestyle by using cards, I hope after knowing the easiest ways of proper use of these cards, you all will also do the same.