Food Service Industry

Taking the leap and starting a business in the food service industry is something people usually do if they are fuelled by a passion for great food. It can be a scary thing to do, and it’s hard to stand out amongst the competition, but by following these rules you can ensure that you keep those boxes ticked and maintain a successful business.

Setting Up

Location is everything when it comes to a food premises. You need somewhere with plenty of footfall as the majority of your customers will need to be enticed as they walk by. You also need to be somewhere that is convenient for people, for example somewhere with ample parking and somewhere they can pop into after or on their way to somewhere else. Don’t let surroundings put people off visiting your business; make sure you’ve chosen a premises in a nice area, or if you’re trying to cut costs, do your research to find somewhere that is up and coming.

Who you hire can make all the difference to how smoothly your business runs. You need efficient and proactive staff with a positive attitude, who can make your customers’ experience enjoyable. Training is just as important; you need to make sure everyone knows exactly what their role is and what is expected of them, in order to create a successful system.

Getting the Right Produce

The most crucial part of having a successful business in the food service industry is, of course, serving delicious food. As well as having brilliant chefs, you need to carefully source your produce from the best suppliers. Companies like Hitchcock Farms have spent years perfecting the taste of their fresh vegetables for the food service industry; helping you to create beautiful dishes that your customers will keep coming back for.

Spend time researching which drinks complement the kinds of food you’ll be serving too so that you can create a satisfying all-round experience. Hiring waiters and waitresses with knowledge of different wines is another good idea.

Keeping Your Customers Happy

As with any business, keeping the customer happy is critical. There will always be someone who can’t be pleased, but as long as the majority are, you’ll be able to grow a loyal customer base. Always keep the customer in mind when designing your business, for example, creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment from the seating you choose to the music you play.

Have a complaints process prepared not only to make these situations more accessible for your staff to handle but also to make sure you do everything you can to avoid losing customers. Train your staff to make each customer feel like they are being treated as individuals; for example, they need to pay close attention to what they say and tailor their service where possible.

The food service industry can be difficult to get your foot in the door, but once you’re in, all it takes is providing great food and service to grow a strong reputation. Consistency is vital, as is keeping the customer’s needs at the heart of everything you do. has some great articles such as ‘What to Look for In the Best Barbeque Restaurant’ to give you even more inspiration.