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With there being a seemingly never-ending list of GPS trackers in the modern world, finding the perfect tracker can seem like a daunting task. Due to theft rates at an all-time high and thieves constantly discovering new ways of illegally taking your belongings, there has never been a more important time to buy a tracker which will fulfil all of your requirements. So, whether you want to ensure your car has optimum safety with a car tracker, or you want to ensure your loved ones are safe, there should be a perfect tracker for you! Read on to find out which tracker types are best suited for any situation from vehicle tracking to keeping an eye on your pets. It will definitely help you find the best GPS tracker for your vehicle. 


There are numerous reasons why a vehicle tracker could be the perfect GPS tracker for you. However, it will have to match your requirements. Does your car have space that a tracker can be attached? If not, there are trackers that can be attached to your car’s exterior. Alternatively, trackers can be bought that are small and can be attached almost anywhere. However, their battery life lasts a mere 2 weeks, while other GPS trackers can survive for much longer periods of time on a single battery. Because of this variation in battery life, you should consider whether your vehicle is used frequently enough to warrant a tracker with short battery life or if you will need to invest in a GPS tracker with a bigger power source. Also, some trackers report movement much quicker than others. If you have constant access to your phone, you don’t need a tracker that constantly notifies you. However, if you cannot check your phone, a tracker that notifies you regularly would be ideal as an alarm sounds. Furthermore, some trackers are magnetic whereas many of them must be physically attached to your vehicle. So, depending on what materials your vehicle is made from, a magnetic tracker may be rather fitting.


Common anxiety amongst the majority of the world is that of losing your pet. No matter how often you are on the lookout for your dog walking off, they always manage to lose you! That is why pet trackers are essential for any pet owner – but many different factors will affect which tracker will be the best choice for you. Smaller gadgets are available for the small, sneaky animals out there. Alternatively, bigger trackers are available for bigger companions. However, there are different attachment methods depending on the size of your furry friend. Your animal may have a lot of furs or a lack of them, so the attachment method may cause pain or discomfort for them. In addition, it is essential that you purchase a waterproof tracker for them as they can very easily escape into the back garden, (or even worse, to the local pond!) which would damage a non-water-resistant GPS tracker. This would result in a lack of accuracy of where your pet is, potentially resulting in the permanent loss of your beloved animal.


The biggest fear in the world is that of losing your loved ones. Whether it be the fear of losing your child or your parent with dementia walking off, there are trackers perfect for the safety of those who matter to you. If you want a GPS tracker for your loved ones, you must be sure to get a reliable tracker to guarantee the wearer’s safety. Also, a small tracker would be advisable, (especially for a child) so that it is easy to wear and doesn’t get in the way of day to day life. It would also be wise to purchase a tracker that has customer service so that both parties can get assistance immediately if in a dangerous situation. An SOS button is also available on select trackers, which is a perfect tool to provide you with an automatic alert, notifying you of your loved one’s danger.

In the modern world, it is essential that trackers connect to smartphones. This is to provide a guarantee of location alerts. Trackers for your loved ones are the most important, so make sure you find the right one.

So, after reading the above advice, we hope you can come to a more informed decision on which GPS tracker is perfect for your needs. Just remember, there are many factors to bear in mind when purchasing a tracker, so ensure to not rush your decision. Infiniti tracking has a lot of information that can help you choose the right tracker for you!