Do you remember the '90's? Skatewear was just becoming popular. Skateboarding was a hobby and a sport that was taking over the younger generations. However, if you fast-forward to the present day, you don't just have to know how to skateboard to have a look. The skater fashion is trending once again, and many people are trying to put together the perfect "skater look." Of course, you do get bonus points if you skateboard. 

The Skater Fashion Style

You may be wondering what exactly "skater fashion" is. According to Shield Republic, it originated in the '60s and '70s but officially took over in the '90s, when skateboarding became a huge sport worldwide. The goal of this clothing was to be stylish, yet comfortable so that you could still move around and perform skateboarding tricks. The look was mostly "carefree," but it had a certain kind of swag or appeal to it that attracted many people - as it does today. Here's how to dress like a skater and pull off this trendy fashion style.

Skate Shorts

You want to pick some loose shorts that just cover your knees and are comfortable. Cargo shorts that have large pockets are acceptable, and so are sweat shorts. They are easily worn with a loose-fitted t-shirt and skater shoes. For a more modern skater's look, you can opt for chino shorts, which are a bit more fitted.

Graphic T-shirt

This is one of the highlights of the skater style. The classic crew-neck t-shirt is ideal, and you need to have a brand logo on that tee. Many skater brands like thrasher have a wide range of graphic t-shirts in various colors and styles. Layering with a checkered-pattern shirt on top or tied around your waist gives you extra points when it comes to the skater style.

Skater Shoes

Shoes are often the most important part of the entire outfit, no matter what style you are going for. They definitely can't be left out of the skater style. Classic skater brands are Vans and Converse, and they come in various forms, including high-top and low-top. Vans Old Skools are trending right now, but any style of these two brands will do since they are classics.


Accessorizing can't hurt, and in most cases, it can be that final piece that completes the whole outfit. The classic wallet chain is what skaters typically have as it keeps your wallet secure when performing various skateboard tricks. Tube socks, beanie or bucket hats, and even logo "baseball" caps are all great accessories that are popular for the skater style.

Fashion has no rules, and that's the beauty of it. However, there is a reason behind fashion trends, and getting the basics right can be significant. Taking the basics of the style and making them your own is innovative, and the fashion industry typically encourages it. The skater style is definitely in, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Take advantage of the different ways of pairing these clothes to come up with new variations.