domestic worker

Before you hire a domestic helper it is important that you prioritize your needs. It is highly unlikely that your newly appointed domestic worker would be perfect at everything right from the beginning.

By hiring someone who will work for you 24x7 follow all your orders, it is his/her right to get something back in return other than wages. He is almost like your family member on whom you can trust to get your job done while you are out partying with your friends or enjoying your lemonade under the AC. It is like an employer-employee relationship, you being the employer and your worker your employee. There are certain things you should do and shouldn’t do to maintain a healthy relationship with your domestic worker.

Prioritize your needs

Don’t worry. Your domestic worker from will do all the household work but there are certain things which you want him/her to take specific care of like giving medicines to your parents on time, getting your husband’s lunch ready on time before he leaves for the office, feeding your baby on time, etc. Communicate these clearly before you hire them.

Plan your budget well in advance

As your newly appointed worker would be staying with you in your home make sure you plan for the increase in budget keeping in mind about his/her medical or insurance expenses. You wouldn’t want to end up being not able to pay off their wages on time because of miscalculating your budget.

Conduct proper due diligence

Trust and honesty play a very critical role because an unknown person would be staying in your home and taking care of your elderly parents and children. You should keep all your valuables locked in the vault. Make sure before appointing your domestic worker you have a proper interview session and know about the followings-
  • Where does this person stay and do their neighbors know them?
  • How long have they been staying in the city?
  • What did they do previously and who else is there in their family?

Be responsible and proactive

By appointing a person to do all of your work you effectively become his/her employer and the appointed person your employee. It is recommended you give them minimum wages as per the laws and a weekly off day. Don’t abuse them or hurt them physically as you may end up being in jail or fined thousands of rupees.

Get bare minimum medical or insurance coverage

This is recommended if it fits in your budget. As he/she may fall ill or be hospitalized it is important for you to have medical insurance for your domestic worker.

Don’t set very high expectations from the beginning

It is important that you cooperate with your newly appointed worker for slight errors or mismanagement. Overstress is a very common issue if he/she is working relentlessly from day tonight.

Remember to do your due diligence, spend wisely, and empathize with them to ensure a good relationship.