Security Bollards for Your Business

When the security of a business has been placed under your management, you cannot afford to overlook the details or fail to consider all necessary measures to keep both the people and assets safe. Security bollards are sometimes the best additional protection you can opt for. Here is why you should consider them for your business.

#1 Greater Protection against Terrorist Attacks

Terrorist attacks happening all around the globe in recent years have made one thing clear — no place is safe from an attack. That goes on to say everyone must seek better protection through one means or the other. Security bollards that have successfully passed a crash test are an easy, yet extremely efficient way to protect your perimeter against vehicular attacks.

#2 Security Needs

Before investing in any kind of security fencing, be it bollards or cable/rail fences, you need to assess the threats to your enterprise in the past carefully. Are there areas of your perimeter that are vulnerable to vehicular attacks? Is your inventory of high value and easy to transport? Small pieces of high-tech electronics can be a tempting hit for intruders.

#3 Crime Levels in the Area

Even if there are no past threats made to your enterprise, you need to consider the level of criminal activity in the area surrounding your property. The idea of crash rated bollards may not have crossed your mind up until today. However, if there have been cases of vandalism and break-ins, then such fencing protection will be invaluable in deterring intruders. Unwanted vehicles will not be able to get closer to your property, which will reduce the likelihood of criminal activity occurring on your property.

#4 Traffic Flow

When trying to increase the privacy and protection of your business, you would naturally want to restrict access to your enterprise. If your building is located near a high-traffic area or a busy road, the risks of confused drivers taking a wrong turn and ending up at your door are high. Security bollards will serve a clear division between your private property and where vehicles can go.

#5 Crash Ratings

Every security bollard is rated based on the level of force that it can withstand. They have been developed by the US Department of State and are known as K-ratings or crash ratings. Their goal is to measure the speed of a moving vehicle that a security bollard can sustain without breaking. Of course, there are different materials that bollards are made of, such as aluminum, steel, and concrete. The ones made from metal undergo crash tests, which makes them the more reliable choice.

It doesn’t matter if you need to have security bollards for your commercial property installed comes from an actual threat, or it is an additional security measure. What matters is the result in the end — greater perimeter security increased protection against vehicular attacks and a clear division between the borders of your private property and its surrounding public areas.