Most of us think we have a handle on what constitutes healthy living. From eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise, to getting eight hours of sleep per night, the blueprint for a healthy body and mind has been well documented.

But have you ever stopped to think about how common daily habits and activities – the likes of which many of us perform – could be harming your health in ways you had never before imagined?

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Don’t worry: we’re not about to drop some kind of bombshell on you. But be wary that the following five everyday occurrences could all be having a negative impact on your health.

Not So Smart

Using your smartphone before you try to get some shut-eye is a bad idea.

You will become distracted – the side effect of social media and answering emails, and that might force your brain to start racing, which again affects your internal off switch.

And studies such as this one on have revealed that the blue light that smartphones and tablets emit can have a strange impact upon the brain. It suppresses the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that essentially acts as a relaxant and helps you to drift off to sleep.

The Sedentary Life

There’s nothing quite like a good sit down after a hard day of work.

But be warned: if you work in a sedentary job, where you are sat at a desk for long periods of time, you could be doing yourself some harm by relaxing through sitting or lying down.

Long periods of inactivity are linked to increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, according to research at, and can lead to associated problems like headaches and back and neck pain.

Be sure to factor in some light exercise to your working day to break up the routine.

Sloth ‘Til You Drop

We all know that you need eight hours of sleep per night, right?

That is correct, but did you know that taking more than the recommended ‘dosage’ could be bad for your health too?

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According to, the American Heart Association found that older women typically suffered from poorer heart health when they slept for more than nine hours per night and had a 13% risk of developing heart disease in the next decade - a higher rate than those who took the recommended eight hours.

So the next time you’re thinking about hitting the snooze button, maybe think again.

One Love

Watching pornography on a regular basis might seem like a harmless way to spend your time.

But prolonged exposure to such content can cause all manner of problems, including the desensitization to sexual stimuli with loved ones that can cause a strain on your relationship.

And then there’s the physical impact: erectile dysfunction can, in some cases, be attributed to pornography usage.

Happily, there are discreet ways to combat ED, including medications prescribed from online pharmacists such as, but one way to tackle the problem at source might be to put down the laptop.

Vitamin Oh

This is awkward.
For many people, taking vitamins is a way to boost certain nutritional needs or to give them a bit of a boost of energy and vitality.

Unfortunately, in some situations, the best case scenario is that these have a mere placebo effect, and in the worst, they could expose you to the possibilities of chronic disease.

  • Countless studies – including this one reported at – show that many vitamins deliver no discernible health benefits whatsoever.
  • There you have it - things are not as clear-cut as you might have thought when it comes to protecting our health. Make sure you keep up to date with new studies and do your best!