Engine Protection Cover
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Monsoon is here, and so are your car's problems. Giving add-on protection to our vehicles is often more expensive. Especially when it comes to repairing engines, it feels like the world has come down on you when you see those big numbers on the bill. When the time comes, regrets play in our heads because nothing is less about the car we love the most.

Your car engine is the most expensive and significant part of the vehicle, and repairing it can burn a big hole in your pocket. You can rest assured about recovering your car engine loss by opting for engine protection add-on cover on your base car insurance policy. The availability of car insurance online makes it easier for us to buy.

During monsoons, there are many possibilities that your car can get stuck in the water-logged area or engine breakdown can occur in the middle of nowhere. If such an incident happens, the add-on cover for your car engine will protect you at all costs.

But you might wonder why more than basic car insurance is needed.

Here is the reason. When an extreme incident occurs, such as a flood, there is a high chance of entering the water in your car. Although your basic car insurance cover minor engine issues, engine breakdown due to water ingression doesn't come under the same. For such cases, buying an add-on engine protection is a must. At any given instance, a basic car insurance policy will not cover damages to the gearbox or piston, etc. That's why the add-on becomes a must-buy.

Why should you buy an additional engine protection cover?

Just like our bodies can't run without hearts, the engine is the same for our cars. The essential part on which the complete functioning of the vehicle depends is the engine.
  • The engine is the most expensive part of the car.
  • Repairing the engine can burn our pockets for a substantial amount
  • It requires significant labour and considerable material charges
These are only a few reasons we cannot ignore when buying a car. A car turns into junk when it has a damaged engine.

There are many options online for car insurance, where you can choose optional and essential covers. Protecting it is a quick, hassle-free process. All you must do when buying insurance is opt for an add-on engine protection cover, which will only benefit you in the long run.

Adding an engine protection cover can help you get through significant problems such as:

  • Lubricating oil leakage
  • Gearbox damage
  • Hydrostatic damage
  • Water ingression damage
  • Conditions under which engine protection is ideal:
  • Bought a new car and want to protect it at all costs
  • You own a luxury car
  • Want to safeguard your vehicle against all odds
  • When you live in a flood-prone area or work near enormous water bodies
  • You want to protect your car's heart at all costs avoiding financial risks
  • Apart from the many perks, there are some exclusions to the coverage:
  • Does not include cars aged more than five years
  • Does not cover deliberate or consequential damages
  • Has a validity period

Give your car engine maximum protection at an early stage

The coverage under the policy varies for different companies. The most effective way is to learn, compare, and buy car insurance online while opting for major additional covers such as engine protection.

If you wish to protect your car from harm like gearbox damage, piston and pin issues, cylinder issues, etc., adding an extra layer of protection is the perfect solution. All these additional coverages will give you a smooth settlement for the damages in case any mishappening occurs.

Give your car a protective shield against all engine damage incurred for various reasons.