Diamond Nose Pins

Fashion trends keep changing from time to time, but some trends remain in our hearts forever, like the trend of wearing nose pins.

Notably, nose pins have a special place in Indian culture. In most Indian communities, married women wear nose pins as a part of their identity as married women. What was once an exclusive piece of jewelry for married women has now become a style statement for Millenials.

This is all thanks to a handful of fashion designers who are working hard to revive the dying Indian culture. These days, you can even spot celebrities and models sporting nose pins that complement their fashionable attires.

Modern women may see nose pins as mere styling accessories, but ancient scriptures consider them to be medically significant for women.

As per Ayurveda, piercing the left side of the nose helps ease period pain and promote fertility in women as the nerve connects to the women reproductive organs.

If you look back in history, nose rings and nose pins were made popular by Mughal empresses who wore huge nose rings studded with precious jewelry like diamonds, ruby, sapphires, and pearls. Since then, nose pins became increasingly popular among Indian women who wore them to enhance their beauty and accentuate their feminine characteristics.

The Popularity of Diamond Nose Pins

Diamond nose pins are still very much popular among women of all age groups. Diamond symbolizes elegance and beauty; it possesses qualities that every woman can relate to. A tiny diamond nose pin can brighten up any face and highlight the natural beauty of a person.

Nose pins and nose rings are no longer limited to married women. Young girls are very excited to get their nose pierced and style it with beautiful nose pins regularly.

However, if you’re also looking to brighten your appearance, there could be nothing better than getting a diamond nose pin for yourself. A diamond nose pin is a true reflection of class and sophistication. With it, you don’t need to worry about the dress you wear or the bag you carry because the nose pin will add a charm of its own to your entire look.

Diamond Nose Pin Care

To wear diamond nosepins, you can pierce the left or right side of your nose depending on your choice. Budget wise, a diamond nose pin is probably the cheapest investment you can make towards diamond jewelry.
A diamond nose pin can be worn to any occasion, whether it’s a birthday party or a wedding ceremony or even at work. Taking care of diamond nose pins is also very easy. You can just take it off when you go for a shower.

Once in a while, clean the surface of the nose pin with a mild detergent and warm water to maintain its natural shine. After cleaning, pat the nose pin dry with a lint-free cloth.

Latest Nose Pin Trends

Nose pins are available in a variety of styles. These days, you even have the option to wear clip-on nose rings and pins where you don’t need to get your nose pierced. This is a really safe option for women who want to try nose pins just for the sake of experimenting with their looks.

However, if you’re bold enough to go for a permanent piercing, here are some nose pin trends that you might like and consider:

  • Floral Studs
  • Golden Nose Rings
  • Metallic Nose Pins
  • Fan Shaped Nose Rings
  • Bridal Nose Pins
  • Solitaire Nose Pins
  • Studded Hoops
  • U-bent Clip-on Nose Pins
  • Short Nose RIngs
  • Pearl Nose Pins
There is also another kind of nose piercing known as the septum piercing where the thin membrane connecting the bridge of the nose is pierced.

Septum rings, which look similar to regular rings but smaller in size, are worn on the cartilage part of your nose. Septum piercing was popular in many tribes around the world. In modern times, a septum piercing is sported by many women as well as men to get a grunge look.


Diamond nose pins are an evergreen addition to a woman’s vanity. Even when a woman is not much into jewelry, something as simple as a diamond nose pin can accentuate her feminine side and reflect her true beauty.

Buying a diamond nose pin is not a very big investment. All you need to do is some basic research and find a trusted store where you can purchase the diamond nose pin. Just ensure that you go for the right size and go for a cut that shines brightly.