Classy Punjabi Dress

Imagine you are running late to work, with the usual fix about what to wear today. You are throwing out items one-by-one from your closet, disregarding them for some or the other issue – one isn't comfortable, one isn't subtle, one isn't very decent, and one is too boring. But what if there is one item in your closet that fulfils all your requirements with no hassles at all?

Or, let us imagine you are planning to attend a wedding soon. You need to look elegant for sure. The dress has to be traditional too. However, you are too bored with the same old saree and lehenga.

 What could the other possible options be?

What if we tell you there is indeed another option for you to go for, that brings together the best of traditional, modern, peppy yet decent? Yes, look no further than the traditional salwar Kameez for the best of both worlds.

No wonder we all love decking up in clothes that are soaring high on-trend right now. Summers especially want us working all the looks quite right, for we do not have layers of winter garments to make up for any fashion faux pas. The Punjabi shalwar suit, more commonly denoted as the Patiala shalwar suit works just perfect, for it never really goes out of style. It has continued to be a major trendsetter to this day, and you can turn heads decked in something that simple yet elegant.

With the Patiala shalwar suit, you are adding an element of pop to your silhouette, thanks to the short tunic or kurta and the fluffy pants or shalwar below. The entire look works wonders for all kinds of body types and adds a particular curve to your body, which looks appealing and wonderfully feminine.

Besides, the shalwar suit can come in collaboration with any of the major trends these days. Be it the choice of fabric or the dash of colour, be it a touch of embroidery or the addition of shimmer and glitter, any of these can be picked in these garments, also providing you a large number of options in terms of what to wear to what occasion.

A Suit for every occasion

If there is something you can wear both to the office and a traditional party, it has to be the shalwar suit. While on hand, it cuts down the hassles of carrying the look with any kind of discomfort, on the other hand, it prevents you from losing out on the traditional touch. You only need to name the occasion and we can share on reason or more with you on why you should prefer donning the Punjabi shalwar suit to that! Believe us when we say that the Punjabi or the Punjabi suit is the best balance between traditional and modern, classy and fun, lively yet appropriate.

How to choose the best Punjabi shalwar Suit for yourself

Well, there can be a number of factors you can think about when choosing the best attire for yourself, for the shalwar suit itself comes in a wide range of varieties. First and foremost, do keep in mind the purpose or the occasion you are wearing it to – a more toned, pastel one for work, more blingy and heavier for a wedding and so on. Next, keep in mind the season and time of the day when you would prefer wearing it. 

Although the Punjabi shalwar suit does not require any such hassles at all and is equally comfortable all throughout, do keep this fact in mind before you purchase too heavy a variety. Also, the Punjabi suit can itself come in a number of styles and it is best to try and see which looks best on you.