Uber for Dog Walking

Cloning of apps like Wag or Uber for Dog Walking is not a difficult task. Adding features similar to such apps will help in formulating the best apps on the market. Using on-demand dog walking apps, business owners can earn revenue for their businesses. Why should you invest in such apps? Working professionals find difficult to spare time for their pets, therefore, they look for trusted and experienced professionals to manage their tasks. On-demand dog walking apps will help pet owners to connect pet-care professionals within a few clicks, and business owners can charge a percentage on every service opted.

Let’s talk about essential for app development.

Structural Layout for the App

  • Separate Apps: Individual online dashboards will be provided for pet owners and walkers. Other features are also allowing multiple functions for a user-friendly experience.
  • Admin Dashboard: Using the admin dashboard, business owners can keep their eyes and manage all activities. For example, they can check the business progress and get details of commission earned, requests, cancellations, etc.
  • 24 x 7 Support: Technical troubleshooters will be available to solve any kind of issues.
  • Smart Walkers: Pet lovers can evaluate and select walkers as per their customized requirements. Such features play an important role in app development.
  • Cost-effective: What every customer wants – quality and professional services. Besides choosing professional pet-care services, pet owners can also choose affordable services. Such apps play an important role in customers’ retention and promotion.
  • Customization: App customization plays an important role in future upgrades. Business owners can easily add changes and apply for the whole app. For example, they can add new features or change the existing one.

A glance at App Working

  • Create an app and grow business.
  • Pet owners can easily choose multiple dog walking services online.
  • Business owners can keep eyes on apps and amend changes anytime.
  • Users can easily schedule the appointment as per flexible booking.
  • GPS will help in tracking the location of walkers.
  • Pet owners can schedule the nearest and experienced pet walkers.
  • Verified check-ins and check-outs.

Some Features for the App

Walkers Profile

  • Dog owners can check the walkers’ profile and extract information related to experience, fees, photo, etc.

Pop-up Notification

  • Pet owners will be notified for details associated with the service through the pop-up notification. For example, time to reach, cost, target achieved, etc.

Live Streaming Assistance

  • Pet owners can watch their pets live through the lifestream option. Such features are important to create an advanced app.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Pet owners can rate their hired dog walkers and add reviews for them. Thus, other pet owners can evaluate the details associated with them.

Flexible Booking

  • Pet owners can book or schedule an appointment through the flexible booking option. For example, they can go for instant booking or schedule services for later.


  • Pet owners can track service providers’ location with the tracking option. Furthermore, they can share their live location to dog walkers.

Bill Estimation

  • Pet owners can choose the desired payment option through multiple payment gateways. An integrated platform like a credit card, debit card, third-party payment gateways will help users to pay easily.


  • Pet owners can share app, refer and earn promo codes and discounts through referrals. This is one of the most important features of an on-demand app.

Toggle Availability

  • Dog walkers can show their online presence through this option. Therefore, pet owners can easily find them. Now, you can build your dog walking app like Wag.
  • We have discussed all requisites for developing an advanced on-demand app. Now, you can start adding features and changes.