The taste of food depends largely on the consumption of spices. However, if the spices are not good, then the condition of the food is gone. The cook is well aware of the use of spices in food. There is a perception that the betel spice is more flavored. So the tradition of eating spices has been going on since ancient times.

Where is the time to eat spices in our daily busy lives? Therefore, in order to save time and to maintain the taste of the food, the spices are added to the best Vitamix blender to get the taste of the Bata Masala. This is also called grinder again. From various fruit juices to any type of spice you can easily powder.

Among the tasks that this blender or mixer grinders perform are powdered powder, mixing, grinding. There are two jars in it to do these tasks. They are heavy plastic or covert. A blender has a total of three types of blades. Stainless steel Gucano grinding blades, chutney grinding blades and wet and dry grinding blades. In addition, there are slicing discs, spreading disks, Greater.

The biggest advantage in Blender Costco is that it has a safety lock. If it does not fit its size it does not start functioning. All these machines have two types of switches. You can work with one of the auto blenders just as you can with a little bit of blending to your advantage.

Blender Benefits: Why Are Buying The Best Vitamix Blender

The fruit of this period can extinguish the thirst for peace and tranquility in the heat of summer. These fruits, rich in various vitamins, are very beneficial to our body.

Lemon-mint juice

  • Ingredients: 2-3 cups of lemon juice, 3 cups of mint leaves, 1 tablespoon of honey, 3 cups of cold water, salt, and ice cream.
  • Prepared recipe: To make lemon-mint juice, blend lemon juice, mint leaves, salt and water in a blender. Then serve it with honey, ice cream, and mint leaves. From the outside heat, the lemon-mint juice will soothe and calm the body.

Melon juice

  • Ingredients: Bangi big 3 pieces, cold milk 3-4 liters, salt slightly and ice cubes.
  • Prepared recipe: Cut it into small pieces, with melted leather and beach. Blend with melts, milk, sugar and salt in a blender. Pour in gagnes and serve with ice cream and bungee juice.

Raw mango juice

  • Ingredients: raw mango 1 (large), 3 liters of cold water, 20 grams of sugar, mint leaves 3-5, raw pepper 1, bit salt, cayenne powder slightly and ice crushed.
  • Prepared recipe: Cut raw mango into small pieces. Blend with water, mango, sugar, raw pepper, mint leaves, pepper powder and beet salt in the blender machine. Sprinkle in a large gagna and serve with ice cucumber with simple and delicious raw mango juice.

Watermelon juice

  • Ingredients: one piece of watermelon large, sugar-rich, mint leaves 3-4, bit salt-rich and 2 cups of ice cream.
  • Preparedness: Cut the watermelon short and leave the beach. Keep in the fridge for a while to cool. Blend the chilled watermelon in a blender. Then blend it with all the ingredients in it. Serve hot and soothing watermelon juice with ice cream in a large gagna.
  • Prepared method: Break the bell and separate the shell. In a container, mix the bell shells with water. Drain the juice of the bell in another container. Then mix all the ingredients together and stir it well. Garnish with ginger and serve with ice cream juice.

Bell juice

  • Ingredients: ripe bell [medium] 3, sugar 20 grams, cold water 1 ggnas, lemon juice 3 tablespoons, half a teaspoon of cardamom powder, amount of bit salt and 2 cups of ice pieces.

Pineapple juice

  • Ingredients: two cups of pineapple slices, two cups of cold water, sugar intake, a little bit of salt and 3 cups of ice cream.
  • Prepared recipe: Blend pineapple slices, cold water, sugar and bit salt together in a blender. Paste the pineapple juice with a sieve and strain it with ice.
After all, it is possible to do all the work in Vitamix Explorian for the kitchen. And the importance of blender in making fruit syrup is immense. It is possible to blend anything in the kitchen in less time.

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