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8 Tips to Bid Adios to Recurring Muscle Pain

Bid Adios to Recurring Muscle Pain

Have you ever experienced a muscular pain or a recurring knots in life? If you have, you must be aware of the plight of the persons who have to undertake this amount of consistent pain. The musculoskeletal pain is the second largest contributor to disability, according to a recent study by the World Health Organization.

It isn't the usual lactic acid buildup but rather a consequence of you making your muscles go through a massive shock.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of recurring muscle pain, then feel free to incorporate following tips which can help you in your road to recovery.

1. A mix of heating pad and ice pack:

mix of heating pad and ice pack

The reason a heating pad is recommended is because of the fact that it is a vasodilator. To put it simply, it helps in opening up the blood vessels in your body. It is believed that it helps in alleviating pain by tackling the inflammation causing muscle soreness.

To give you more clarity, applying an ice pack for twenty minutes followed by a heating pad for another twenty minutes would be effective enough to combat the pain.

2. Use a foam roller:

Foam rolling can make you let out a big cry when you are going through serious muscle pain but we kid you not when we say that there is no better tip than this. It can really make a difference in your quest to repair your muscles.

Rolling onto a foam roller helps in fighting edema. Edema refers to the swelling in the muscle and it is said that this practice helps in decreasing edema and promotes healing of the tissues.

3. Myotherapy:


Most of the people must be thinking about how can myotherapy help? Well, myotherapy, a medicinal physical therapy session encompassing broad massage techniques can provide relief to recurring muscle pain. Incorporating of myotherapy helps in stimulation of mitochondria which is responsible for cell function as well as repair. It not only gives a sense of relief but the outcome generated is highly therapeutic in nature.

The word myotherapy literally translates to muscle therapy. Therefore, it is one perfect tip that we swear by! It is a trigger point therapy. Also, known as neuromuscular therapy, it involves alternative pressure on areas which have been identified having muscle spasm. The pressure is applied using knuckles, elbows, or fingers and rests for about ten to thirty seconds. It helps by bringing back the oxygen and blood to the affected area thereby providing a relief.

4. Eat Mushrooms:

Eat Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been identified having anti-inflammatory properties which happens to be a key component needed to deal with muscle pain and soreness. Therefore, we would recommend that you consider changing or switching your diet a bit and make sure to include mushrooms in it.

Mushrooms are fully loaded with anti-inflammatory compounds called polysaccharides. When consumed, these compounds help in the reduction of inflammation-causing compounds, namely, cytokine.

5. An ice bath:

Your teeth might have begun chattering but it incredibly helps in reducing swelling in the muscles and the breakdown of tissues. It is a form of cryotherapy which asks for sitting in an ice bath for about five to ten minutes as it can make the pain subside.

It is probably one of the quickest in addition to being the easiest way to fight those nasty pangs of muscle pain. Overall, an ice bath reduces the muscle pain and soreness by 20% which is quite a result.

6. Stretch it out:

A deliberate muscle lengthening action, this should be your primary mode of defense here. Stretching makes a lot difference considering that it lengthens the muscles and promotes as well as enhances mobility. And, it is all because it stretches fascia which makes some room for the muscles to grow. This, as a result, speeds up your journey to recovery.

7. Tart cherry juice:

Another diet suggestion after mushrooms is inclusion of tart cherry juice. It is because, like mushrooms, it is also packed with all the goodness your muscle requires. Laden with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants compounds, drinking this juice for a straight week without skipping can make a noticeable difference. You are going to feel a lot less pain than before.

8. Sleep:


The last but not the least, make sure you are sleeping and rising on time. Everybody requires at least 6-8 full hours of sound sleep because it is when your body does most of the recovery. Do not forget that lack of sleep is the root cause of inflammation in the muscles causing pain. Therefore, make sure you are not missing out on it and this is on the top of your list of priorities!

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