Modern Classic interior design is exactly as it sounds, a mix between the Modern design style and the Classic design style. Contemporary design refers to the early 20th-century modernist movement and is defined by slick, stylish elements. Whereas Classic style is identifiable by its timelessness and elegant elegance. The two find their similarities in their clean lines and refined nature. Modern Classicism incorporates the two to create a clean, contemporary, and impactful space. This is an effortless style to recreate at home as long as you consider a few elements first:


Maintaining and celebrating any classic architecture in your home will give you the perfect setting to add a modern classic style. Classic details can include ornate moldings or wall paneling; if you're lucky enough to have these elements in your home's structure, it's time to flaunt them. By showcasing these, you have a free, simple, and effective way of constructing your aesthetic.

Avoid fashionable items

The interior design and homewares industries are subject to trends and quick passing fads. When choosing contemporary elements for your home, avoiding overly fashionable items is essential. You need furniture that flows with your space and complements the rest of your home; trend pieces can often be more jarring than interesting. You'll make the best decision for your home and lifestyle by opting for timeless, functional, and modern items.


Dramatic elements are favored in the Modern Classic style. You can incorporate accent pieces, bold pops of color, sculptural elements, or eye-catching artwork to enhance your space. These must remain within the contemporary look; anything that strays too far from modern style will look awkward and out of place. Although dramatics are central to a current classic home, they should always be a complementary element instead of a defining one. Avoid them taking center stage by being thoughtful with their placement and scale about the rest of your space.

Walls are a canvas.

Consider your walls as a backdrop or a canvas for the striking artwork you want to display. A clean neutral is the key to achieving the right look; opt for white or grey for the ultimate modern classic effect.

Natural materials and finishings

Feature natural materials are vital when bridging the gap between modern and classic homewares. Woods and stones are a commonality between the two differing design aesthetics. You can create a seamless flow between the two styles in your home by using these. Incorporate natural materials with hardwood furnishings, dark stone benchtops or floors, or a grand and eye-catching bookcase. If you opt for the latter, it's best to do your homework to make sure you find the right fit for your home and explore bookcases online to find your ideal natural wood piece. For comfort, add some understated rugs and throws to create a warmer feel for your space.