Businesses and startups face an uphill task in their early days. The future of companies depends upon several factors as the top management/owner needs to take this quite seriously. Running a startup or small business is also no mean feat. The notion that many people have is that as they are investing not much amount in their business of their own, they tend to take matters very lightly. It can be disastrous for the future of a company. Which is why you should also seek the help of a creative agency, like Next Thursday

Dubai is undoubtedly a great place to start your business with loads of opportunities for everyone with a good idea and will to succeed. But apart from money, web design & development is critical for the very existence of small companies online. 

If you want to know some critical aspects related to why design is such an important factor here and what you need to do to attract an audience, the following 5 points will be enough for you in this concern.

1. A Good-Looking Design

Well, a piece of essential information, most of you will think sarcastically. After all, we all know the website must look good, but what I mean by it here? You need a professional website that looks great at first glance itself. Any website has merely a few seconds to make it enjoyable to get more time to browse from the visitor. Else, times up. 

Apart from design, content/layout is critical as, according to the latest survey by Adobe, 38% of people in a study thought that they would stop using a website in case of an unattractive content/layout. You can use WordPress or similar CMS to get free themes that look really good. But the help from a professional designer can get you a head-start, like White Peak Digital. Click here to learn more about them.

2. Cater to Multiple Audiences

While many websites are targeted towards a specific audience, there are times when a business needs to target multiple demographics or age-group. An example can be books and apparel for adults who need to focus on young adults as well as people in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. But how to get a Web Design that can cater to all of them at the same time?

Well, first of all, you don’t need to be sure of getting a design that is available on all pages. You can easily divide your website into subsections and different pages for different age-group. You need to work hard for this and check the portfolio of every company claiming to be the best web design company in Dubai.

3. The homepage is what you Need to Fill Completely? Not Exactly

Don’t ever make an effort to make your website wholly filled with information. While it is a very tempting idea to offer every piece of information you have to your prospective clients right away, but it is simply not a good idea. Any visitor’s first interaction with your website should be a great experience with some aspects not mentioned on the very first page. The visitor will definitely look for the information on some other page as well. This is where your design will speak for itself. 

If your design is attractive enough and has little information about an aspect, your visitors will definitely want to look at a page offering detailed information. Customizing your content to get the attention of your visitors is one aspect that you really need to look at. Showcasing every.

4. Add Social Proof and Start Blogging

If you think that you are making good inroads into the minds of your prospective customers, don’t leave any stone unturned in this concern. One aspect is to offer the reviews and feedback of your current customers on the website. Short videos of 10-30 seconds will make a great impression here as even in this little time, companies can show that they have a loyal customer base who believe strongly in your product. 

Happy customers spreading word of mouth on social media is another way that can make things work for you big time. Active social media accounts don’t need much designing as they are offered like any other post on the Facebook page, for example. But here blogs can make a real difference. 

Blogging on your website about precisely anything that you can relate to your products/services or even trending topics can be a great way to let your audience know you are serious about your business. Interesting and regular blogs attract a lot of viewers, even if they are not interested in buying your product any time soon. The design of your blog needs to be done appropriately with a target audience in mind. 

Make your blog’s design enjoyable enough with CTAs encouraging the readers to visit your website or guide them towards the landing page. Design can play a crucial role in driving traffic for your website through blog posts. 

5. Website Audit for Changing in your Design

If you think it is an audit that is not for you, you may be wrong in your approach. Do you know which type of inspection I am talking about? It is all about a comprehensive and extensive review of your design and content so that any shortcomings in it are exposed. You need to come up with a solid plan here based on the audit report which you have received. 

A detailed audit can easily make things work seamlessly for you. You will know that in which areas you lack, for example, your check out section is too complicated. Upon that audit report, you need to work on your checkout page so that it can be transformed into a page that users will be happy to use rather than look at it with disgust or anguish.

Final Word

There are some other factors also that can make the cut to fit in this post in the future. Do you know about some of those factors? Or has a query in mind regarding the list mentioned in this post? Please don’t be shy to speak your mind out by offering your feedback, too, by using the comments section below.