Bath Bomb Kit

Everyone loves a nice hot bath, especially when it is scented. In 1989, Mo Constantine, co-founder of Lush Cosmetics, created bath bombs to add fizzy fun to the bathtub. Since then, many worldwide have used these colorful treats for a relaxing bath. Apart from getting bath bombs from the market, you can make these delightful chunks at home using a bath bomb kit.

Buying bath bombs from stores can be a little expensive, so making them on your own is good. How to make lush bath bombs? In addition to getting the right ingredients, you must follow the best recipe to make these fizzes.

Step 1: Collect The Ingredients

You require different types of ingredients to make your own bath bombs. They include baking soda, citric acid, salts, essential oils, and presses/molds. Instead of buying these ingredients one by one, get a bath bomb kit that includes all those items that you require to create the fizzes. A significant advantage of purchasing equipment is that you don't need to search for essential oils and dry ingredients you have no idea you require.

Step 2: Blend The Dry Ingredients

Once you have found the fitting kit, you can move to bath bomb kit instructions to use ingredients correctly. You can start by putting all the dry ingredients in a big bowl. It is essential to ensure that you mix the ingredients in a container that doesn't cause an unwanted reaction. It is advisable to mix the ingredients in a glass bowl.

Step 3: Pour Liquids Into The Mixture

When you have a smooth consistency throughout your dry mixture, you can start pouring wet ingredients into it. Mix the liquids in a jar before running them into your dry mixture. Instead of putting all of them at once, put the drinks slowly to analyze how they are changing the mix in the bowl.

If you are adding the mixture quickly, it may begin to foam. The liquids need to be added slowly so that if something goes unfavorable, the reaction can be stopped.

Step 4: Put Ingredients Into The Mold

Now that you have prepared a mixture for bath bombs, your next step is to add it to a mold. Different types of molds and presses are in the market to make bath bombs in different shapes. If you are a beginner, get a round mold made of either plastic or metal. Once you have prepared the mixture, make sure that you quickly put it into the mold.

Step 5: Unmold

It is necessary to keep the blend inside the mold for some time to make it get the shape. You can unmold it when you are sure that the mixture has taken the desired shape. Now, it's time to let the bombs dry. Do not touch or shift them frequently, as they may crumble easily. Once the bombs are completely dry, put them in an airtight container because they contain different ingredients that may react with the air. After that, you can use them whenever you want.

Final Words

Although making your own bath bombs seems an easy job, it is challenging when you need help knowing where to start. Instead of choosing ingredients individually, get a bath bomb kit from a reputed online store. This ensures you have all those essential items that can help you to make these fizzy treats at home.