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5 Best Team Sports For Kids

Are you looking for the best team sports for your kids to play? Every sport is not equal for every child. You need to consider the interests, skills, height, and age of your child. If your kid loves to play football, he will never be happy with any professional basketball coach. Selecting the best team sports for your child can make a significant difference in the improvement of self-esteem, focus, and mood.

Sports make the children active and healthy, but they will also consider important values like organization, discipline, teamwork, among others. Here are the 5 best team sports for your kid.


Soccer assist the kids in learning how to balance. Managing the ball while checking the team fellows will enhance the dexterity of the foot. Several risks are common like shin splints and ankle twist. Playing soccer enhances the flexibility of your child, increases strength, improves coordination and improves cardiovascular health. The kids learn to involve himself in teamwork. He will come to know that teamwork is always required to live a successful life. Soccer is also best for the children that are not good in their motor skills. It assists them in strengthening the core muscles that permit the children to be physically active and result in more health.


Every child has tried to run on a bicycle once in the lifetime with dad or mom holding the back of the seat. It brings a lot of fun, and it is alsothe best form of exercising. You can give your kid a three-wheel tricycle and then move to a two-wheel bicycle. It is the best team sports which give you a sense of competition between children. When your kid has learned it, he can take off the wheels. But never allow your child ride bikes at high speeds with the hand brakes till he/she reaches the age of 9. 


It is among the best team sports which your child is going to love. This game gives your child a lot of confidence and courage. This will assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle later in their lives. Table tennis needs instant reactions to the moves of the opponent player which assists the normal players in developing a skill of thinking fast. This game enhances the cognitive abilities of your kid and makesa tactical decision within no time. Playing team sports includes a lot of attention and focus to be successful. The kids need to be alert and aware throughout the whole game otherwise they can miss the best opportunities and plays.


Basketball is among the most renowned team sports in children. This sport is easy to set as it depends on the least number of tools – all you need is a park hoop and a ball. The basic moves such as dribbling and quick passes will enhance the hand to eye coordination of your child. This game is the least risky among all sports. The hazards that can happen is pulled hamstrings and eye poke. Basketball is a great game and children love it. It is the second-best game for kids next to football. If your child is tall, this sport is an excellent choice for him/her.


Many small girls and boys grow up while thinking of being baseball players. Hence, if your child loves to be the same, then why should not initiate early. The kids with an age of 6 years can learn baseball. The baseball sports will increase the balance, physical strength and hand to eye coordination of kids. It will assist in him learning citizenship, leadership, discipline, and teamwork. This game is not harmful, with occasional injuries such as elbow injuries and pulled hamstring. It is among the famous sports for children to play. Having a helmet is essential for playing baseball.

Do not forget the importance of team sports for your child. Indulging him/her in any sports will make him feel healthy and fresh.

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