Are you looking for some side gigs to earn money with your welding skills and the plasma cutter? A plasma cutter is not just a tool but also an investment. There is so much you can do with this tool that it highly demands skill across various industries. Combine them with some welding know-how skills and a bit of artistic mind, and you are set to earn some decent bucks! So if you have been looking to use it to make money, here are the five best plasma cutter projects to make money.

Project 1 – Make metal alphabets for businesses and people. 

For project no 1, we have decided to start with something that doesn’t require too much skill and precision. But you will be able to sell it at an excellent price. What you will do is make the metal alphabets. It is one of the easiest ways to start earning money with the plasma cutter. It might seem like a straightforward project for you. But it is in massive demand as many businesses like metal monograms. You can also sell them to people as standalone or full names. The possibility is virtually endless.

Project 2 – Make an animal out of metal. 

Metal animals and other replicas of wildlife are super popular across the country. Which animal should you make with your plasma-cutting skills? Well, that depends on you and your customer. But let’s say we will start with a cat here as these furry creatures are all over us, and we adore them. But make sure to get a perfect outline of the cat or your preferred animal. Otherwise, it might not come out as good as you expected. It is the most crucial thing you need to give attention to.

Project 3 – Make Pumpkin Faces from Used Tank for Halloween 

One of the best times to earn some money from your plasma-cutting skills are festivals like Halloween and Christmas. You can turn your creativity into a money-making gig by making some pumpkin faces from the old gas tank. Get the tanks lying in your garden for ages and cut out the curves that look like smiling faces. It might look complicated initially, but this is one of the most accessible gigs you can start with.

Project 4 – Make a Christmas tree out of a rusty saw. 

We all have some rusty old saw that hasn’t been used for ages and won’t likely be used anytime soon. But you can put the saw to work and make some money by creating it into a Christmas tree. It is a bit of an advanced project, requiring better detailing and precision. Concentrate on the details of the stem and leaves. Hang it in your garden and ask whether your neighbors would like to buy this art piece.

Project 5 – make a metal cut Beer Sign. 

Metal Cut Beer Sign is one of the most popular and best-selling projects you can make with your plasma cutter. It is in great demand from the bars and restaurants that serves beer and likes to have an old-school touch to their place.


All you need to make money with these five best plasma cutter projects is a plasma cutter of your own or someone else’s if you don’t have one already. Also, to get started to complete these projects, you will need to have the right hand at cutting shapes and designs. All of the projects here require object cutting. So start warming up with some practicing right now!

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