When visiting a foreign country, food and culture are some of the things that will be strange. Laws tend to be pretty much the same everywhere. However, there are some weird laws you should be aware of as a tourist to avoid landing in trouble with authorities for doing conventionally legal things.

For instance, in the beautiful city of Milan, Italy, you should not frown in public. The exception to that law is when you are in a hospital or funeral. Read on to find out more weird laws you should know if you travel around the world.

1. Singapore: Do Not Chew GumDo Not Chew Gum

According to the government of Singapore, gum leads to mischief. For instance, you could stick it on a train door to prevent it from opening.

Just one piece of gum will have you paying a fine of $1000. The second-time offenders of the chewing gum law pay $2000. Get caught a third time, and you will clean the streets or do some other kind of hard labor wearing a placard that says “I am a litterer”.

2. Thailand: Do Not Walk In Public Without Underpants

The Thailand authorities mind if you do not wear underwear. The thought of a police officer asking you to remove your bottoms so they can check if you have underwear is hilarious. Nonetheless, do not let the tropical climate and sandy beaches tempt you into not packing enough panties.

Would you want to play a prank on them? The map to Thailand can be found here. Go ahead and try and see if they can catch you without your undies. Best of luck!

3. Philippines: Being A Jerk Is Illegal

Be a jerk for no reason in the Philippines, and you will end up in jail. According to a paragraph of Article 287 of the Revised Penal code, unjust vexation is a crime that could attract a fine of up to 200 pesos. Unjust vexation is using any language or behavior that annoys an innocent person. 

4. Malaysia And Singapore: No Spitting, Unless In A Drain

No Spitting, Unless In A Drain

Malaysia and Singapore are in the bucket list of any man or woman who wants to travel Asia. However, these nations have strict hygiene laws that make spitting illegal. Spitting anywhere that is not a drain, including the sidewalk and inside a private building is a crime.

In Malaysia, the fine is only about 20 EUR. In Singapore, the penalty is as high as 430 EUR. The law is not far-fetched as spitting is lack of both hygiene and common decency. 

5. The Caribbean Islands: Do Not Wear Camouflage

The government of Barbados sees no reason why you would want to blend with the surroundings using clothing that resembles military uniform. The law makes sense from a defense point of view. In any case, why would you want to wear anything more than a bathing suit in the Caribbean Islands?

6. Indonesia: Masturbation Is Against The Constitution

What you privately do with your private parts, could land you in prison in this Indian Ocean Island. However, you might have been misled to believe that the punishment is decapitation. The penalty is a mere 32-month prison sentence. So, before you pleasure yourself, decide whether that punishment is worth it. 

7. Maldives: Hide Your Bible

In most Islamic republics, pork, pornography, and other things that contradict Islamic teachings are illegal. However, Maldives takes the non-Islamic thing a step further with Bibles and religious texts. If you are of a different religion, you are only allowed one copy of your holy book when visiting the Maldives. Additionally, you are not allowed to leave it in the open. 

8. United Arab Emirates: No Displaying Affection Publicly

No Displaying Affection Publicly

Like most Islamic states, the UAE has some backward laws. The authorities do enforce the law. In 2013, a couple spent a year in jail in 2013 for kissing at the beach at night.

Imagine getting arrested for publicly showing your affection to someone you love. Maybe you should do it within your roof rack tent when you are out on the beach. It will accommodate you and your spouse, and nobody will notice you kissed.

9. Russia: Driving A Dirty Car Is A Crime

Russia introduced fines on dirty cars in 2006. Still, the law does not clearly define what qualifies as a dirty car. The residents of Russia, according to a poll, regard a car as dirty if the number plate is no longer visible. So, if the authorities take this point of view, you will not land in trouble, unless you park your car in a swamp. 

10. Portugal: No Relieving Yourself In The Ocean

In the Southern European nation of Portugal, it is illegal to pee in the sea. We get it, peeing in a place where other humans and animals are enjoying themselves is bad manners. But, how exactly does the Portuguese government enforce this? It is not practical to put pee revealing chemicals in the ocean. Well, maybe they look for individuals in the ocean who look a little too relaxed.

Summing Up

The world has some bizarre laws. The ones outlined above are some of the strange laws you should take note. That is especially true if you travel to Asia often. While most of these laws attract only small fines, some have a considerable prison time. Either way, getting arrested is not in your travel itinerary.