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Running a website requires many daily actions to retain its quality and rating. These two factors are of crucial importance for the success of the website and the continuous growth of your business. Maintaining a website goes far beyond updating, security checks, and optimization. The more you work, the more you encounter a variety of issues that might require fresh website installation.

It is nothing unusual, let alone terrifying, especially if you know how to do it properly. It frequently occurs that one needs a fresh start after being hacked or for testing purposes. The original default settings provide the best development environment for testing many WordPress themes and plugins.

You can choose between re-installing WordPress and using the WP Reset plugin. These two options differ a lot. The first will cost you a lot of time and effort, while the second requires only hitting a button. You already know what the most convenient solution is.

WP Reset plugin has been designed for developers and advanced users to enable them to establish completely fresh WordPress installation in a fast, secure, and functional way. Thanks to its tools, all aspects of the reset have been covered. The tools are only the necessary ones. No add-ons or cosmetic functions without a clear purpose.

A leading idea of the team behind the WP Reset plugin was to build the rational tool that will help you most with three main actions – developing, debugging, and maintaining. Although the plugin is entirely functional and serves its purpose, it is constantly being improved to provide further valuable options for more demanding developers and users.

WP Reset plugin is user-friendly, but the best in-house support is watching your back. If something happens that you might not be able to solve on your own, feel free to ask for help. It is fast and reliable, and it doesn’t cost a penny. Those guys are friendly developers and authors of the WP Reset plugin, and they’ll do their best to fix any issue.

WP Reset plugin

How to Use WP Reset Plugin without Difficulties

Do you wonder how your website looked like at the time you first installed it? You can check it without deleting the installation and re-installing WordPress.

One Click Site Reset is the main function of the WP Reset. It is simple and works in a few seconds, but there is another option with the same purpose for developers who prefer the official command line – WPI-CLI. You can count on the full compatibility, but never forget that there is no UNDO option. Use it with precaution. Hitting the reset button remains users’ favorite though.

Your database gets to its defaults in no time without putting files at risk. Post-reset Setup is responsible for the reactivation and configuration of current themes and plugins. It is automatic and spares you unnecessary manual work. Choose the snapshot and use Database Snapshots to restore the installation to it, while Database Diff Viewer will provide a visual representation of what has been changed in the database.

Some changes come as a result of other plugins or themes. Snapshots record changes of website settings, which can be used to restore the development environment. Other snapshots or WordPress reset settings remain intact. WordPress installation usually creates a snapshot in up to 2 seconds. If you don’t need the complete reset, you better choose Selective Reset Tools. This tool is completely adaptable to your needs, and it will delete either all customization and site’s information or some specific content you have marked as individual tables.

Webhooks Integration is a special option of the WP Reset plugin. It includes 3rd party services all tools can be activated from.

Webhooks Integration

These standard tools are mostly used by developers for the purpose of testing, but if you frequently need to reset your site for any reason, you might need something more, and more is coming soon. Website reset doesn’t mean to give up your favorite plugins and themes you are already used to. Contrary to that, you will be able to keep them all in a single collection and install them after the reset has been done.

Plugin&Theme Collections does the job at once instead of you selecting and installing one by one. Nuclear Reset provides a completely clean start. All will be cleaned up! Multiple websites require a lot of work, and one way to make it a bit easier is to use the same installation, plugins, and themes. To reset them individually will take more time than you want, but the WordPress

Network (WP-MU) enables you to use individual options on network websites.

Easy-to-Use but Safe and Reliable

WP Reset plugin is easy-to-use, but the ease doesn’t at all compromise its safety and reliability. Developers who built it were extremely serious when it comes to safety, and they have created multiple fail-safe mechanisms for your protection.

There is no risk of accidental data loss. Several reset confirmations guard your data 100%. It is also important that no files will be modified while the plugin deletes customizations and specified content. Such precision positively affects debugging and speeds up testing. In a few steps, you can get the most from your website without pushing yourself to go through the WordPress installation process each time you need a fresh start. It might last only 5 minutes, but the WP Reset plugin does it in seconds which does make a difference. While working on your website you will encounter all kind of issues, and sometimes a lot will depend on how fast you are able to test, debug, and maintain, but in a reliable and secure way. 

Before you access the WP Reset plugin ensure you have carefully got introduced to all of its features and collected precise information. Proper reset is crucial for the functionality of your site, but you have to know how to use WP Reset plugin in the best way for the best results. If you need to reset the site more than once, that’s fine. Just enable WP Reset to re-open, and in the post-resetting settings, you can customize it according to your needs.

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