Cleaned Periodically

Your office is a place of serious and dedicated work. You should never let inconveniences to delay your commitment towards your daily tasks and deliverables.

That is why you would find that the majority of the offices have a formal setting, where everything is organized correctly. This allows you to perform fluidly and in a frictionless routine as per requirements. Targets have to be achieved, and deadlines have to be met. The very air and the ambiance of the office command that you work consistently in a controlled manner, and this creates synergy. However, one of the most critical factors that contribute towards building this supportive environment for workers to operate as per their job descriptions without interruptions is the upkeep and maintenance of the office. Without adequate cleaning or preservation of equipment, an office might lose its appeal and cause a considerable drop in the productivity levels of the workforce. Let’s take a look at eight significant reasons as to why you should have your office cleaned regularly. 

Hygiene & Health Related Benefits

No matter what, a poor hygiene at the office can cause serious trouble for the workforce. Whether it is personal hygiene or overall atmosphere at the workplace, it all can quickly cause traumatizing health risks if proper care isn’t taken. One of the most serious concerns is dust control since it can quickly accumulate within office indoors and may lead to troubles including allergic reactions, constant sneezing, heavier breathing, itchy eyes, and even headaches. On the other hand, people also spread germs in numerous ways. In the US alone, over $150 million is spent every year from loss and damage to work by workers reporting in sick, taking time off, and stop coming to work altogether. That is why it is a must that you make sure that your offices are always in pristine condition. The OSHCR (Occupational Safety & Health Consultants Register) claims that healthy workplace environments reduce absences, improves productivity, and saves considerable sums of money for organizations.

Creating Brand Image & First Impressions

A workplace is a meeting place for new faces to come and interact with your colleagues, fellow workers, and staff members. There are innumerable ways through which you engage and interact with people in a working environment. They can be your customers, possible new prospects, and future investors as well. If your office doesn’t provide them with a positive first impression, then chances are they would not revert back to you. The idea over here is to make sure that your offices are in immaculate condition that whoever visits your office no matter what their purpose, they feel welcomed and comfortable. An untidy office which shows dirt piling up at the corners or equipment catching dust will only create a feeling of disgust. You want your brand image to remain consistent as it creates value for your workplace in the market. A dirty office will lower your brand image and thus affect your chances of creating new work-based opportunities to expand further and grow. It comes as no surprise that recent studies show that around 94% of people avoid those businesses that do not maintain their restroom’s sanitation. 

Compliance with Health & Safety Practices

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration is a US-run agency that governs all regulations and protocols to assure best practices for business across the nation. Hence for any business carrying out its operations on the American soil has to make sure that they comply with its set standards and laws. OSHA has Federal jurisdiction which means companies not abiding by their regulations can be taken down without discrimination. It offers all American workers the right to file a complaint if they find any workplace unsuitable due to health or safety concerns. Hence as a business owner, it becomes a matter of obligation to ensure that your offices are cleaned properly as well as a regular maintenance regime is followed as per OSHA’s standards. Non-compliance can result in legal repercussions. No one likes to go to court. 

Increasing Productivity at Work

There is simply no doubt about the fact that a neat and clean workplace promotes productivity. A study was conducted recently, entitled the Cleanliness and Learning in Higher Education, that revealed the following findings:

  • 88% of participants reported that an uncleansed environment disrupted their productivity levels considerably.
  • 78% stated that an unclean setting will naturally cause health-related problems.
  • And 84% commented that a clean environment is more desirable.
As you can see it is pretty much clear that an untidy workplace or setting can actually lower the morale levels of the workforce. Employees that are happy at their workstations are found to be quite productive. It allows them to manage tasks in a more appropriate manner. Not only does it promote a professional approach but it also allows the workforce to remain motivated and reduce their levels of stress. 

Adding Aesthetic Appeal to Your Office

No one wants to be at an unsightly place that reeks of potential chaos or havoc. A cluttered or untidy workplace is never a good sight to behold. People want to be associated with a business that maintains cleanliness throughout the day and the year. A clean office not only makes any visitor or worker feel good about the place, but it also opens up doors for making the office look beautiful and attractive. Anyone who works in a well-maintained office setting feels proud about their company or organization. They feel respected and want to become a part of the bigger picture. Hence they spread good things about their workplace whenever they get a chance to interact with people in a social gathering. This is indeed one of the most powerful forms of word of mouth that can make your offices seem like a prestigious organization and worthy of recognition. 

Increasing the Lifespan of Equipment

Lifespan of Equipment

With the advancement of technology at a rapid pace, we find new and improved equipment entering the vicinity of our workplace and settings. A lot of IT equipment that we see flooding our workstations nowadays requires some upkeep. They are considerably expensive for companies and organizations to arrange for their staff members. Hence their replacement or repair can be quite costly to bear. All equipment comes with its cleaning procedures. If they are not properly cleaned, then they lose their edge and soon can stop performing altogether. If your company or organization promotes cleanliness and other practices to keep them neat and tidy, then there is a tremendous chance that such equipment will carry on working for a longer period.

Professional Touch & Outlook

Our surrounding environments take a toll on us. Humans are indeed sensitive creatures, and we have undoubtedly an innate awareness of our surroundings. We seem to grasp certain qualities in the places we spend most of our time of the day. These may be categorized into physical comfort, safety or security needs, and psychological impacts. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 3 million children (of ages five or under) die of environmental-related causes. A neat and clean environment is known to boost confidence in the labor force. It affects their moods, feelings, and overall attitude at the workplace. Hence to promote professionalism in your employees and keep their composures maintained, it is best that you make sure that offices are cleaned periodically. 

Reducing Discomforts & Distractions

Working for straight continuous hours can make workers feel lethargic and less interested in time. There is always that moment during the workday where one feels like falling asleep and letting go of their work completely. These distractions can be set off-limits by keeping your offices clean. However, Carpet Cleaning Austin listed the greatest benefits of keeping a workplace neat and tidy is to avoid discomfort. If your employees feel a constant sense of discomposure than it will stop them from performing to the best of their abilities. Hence to maintain a healthy environment with employee’s tasks and occupation as a whole, a neat and clean environment can take away the majority of their discomforts. Clean washrooms, sparkly floors, tidied up kitchens and cafeteria, plus well-maintained lobbies, workstations, and sitting area can all make them feel positive about their work.

We hope this post was able to offer you some great insights as to why you should make sure that your offices are cleaned periodically. For more questions and queries regarding the topic, please feel free to leave us a comment in the section below.