The "Orient Express " is a unique luxury transport where you can travel in a totally comfortable and personalized service with excellent cuisine a la carte, dedicating yourself to your delight and observing the best views in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

It is one of the most prestigious tourism companies in the world, still standing since 1876, proving its high quality and ethical values. Their first clients were, in fact, diplomats, people from the wealthy upper class, politicians, and royalty. The train's interior is the most beautiful, as well as the treatment and travel experience. You can travel to Austria on a procession from Germany to enter the "Orien Express"; check the DB Fahrplan website for train schedules.

The first one is the "Venise-Simplon-Orient Express," a train of vintage character, of the most elegant, whose decoration and the wagons were built in 1926. In it, you can live with complete planning that includes the passage through countries such as Austria, Scotland, Spain, France, Hungary, England, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, South Africa, and Turkey. The most demanded route is that of Paris-Venice.

The other model you can find is the "Eastern and Eastern Express," having the difference that in this one, you go through Singapore, Bangkok, and Thailand also has very sophisticated furniture of colonial character.

What Routes Can Be Hired In The Orient Express? And How Many Days Do The Trips Last?

1. The first route you can hire is that of Paris, with two days and one night aboard the "Venise-Simplon-Orient Express" and you can admire the beauty of one of the most charismatic cities in Europe.
2. The "Venise-Simplon-Orient Express" also proposes a route that runs " Istanbul, Bucharest, Budapest, and Venice," traveling for 6 days and five nights through the most romantic areas of Europe.
3. The "London-Paris-Venice" route will also have a more stable Orient Express Cost on board the same train for two days and one night.
4. "Venice-Paris" can show you the fascinating places in the most enchanting countryside, lasting two days and one night.
5. From Paris, you can also access the "Paris-Budapest-Bucharest-Istanbul" circuit for six days and five nights.
6. The route "Venice-Vienna "can allow you to enjoy two days and an enjoyable night in which you can admire various places full of colors and charm. It is one of the cheapest routes.
7. If you are an urbanite and cannot forget the magic and multicultural environment of the big cities, your ideal route is "Venice-Paris-London," for two days and one night.
8. If you have a tight budget but want to enjoy several days of travel, hire the route "Venice-Prague-Paris" for five days and four nights.

9. For a little more money, you can change your destination, choosing the "Venice-Budapest-Paris " route on the same day.

What Is Special About The "Orient Express?

In addition to its comfortable and luxurious furniture, each train has a private compartment with a toilet and butlers, and travel assistants are available for each request. The cuisine is of high quality and with creations of chefs of haute cuisine.