Massage Therapist

Whether you want to become a massage therapist or you just want to know which qualities of a therapist you should look out for, this article is for you. Massage is a physical as well as an emotional experience, and because of this professional massage therapists needs to have a need to have a wide range of skills and we are going to discuss them here. The skills in this article are like a basic need for most human beings and each and every tantric massage therapist must have most, if not all of the skills. Check out the skills that all the massage therapists must have:

Good communication skills.

Massage is not just about giving your clients a magical touch when delivering the message. It is way more than that. To start with, you need to communicate with your clients in a simple and understandable way. All massage sessions should start with some discussions with the client about what he or she expects by the end of the session. 

If you are not able to communicate with your client in a way he or she will understand, trust me, no matter how good you are, the client may not be so happy with your services. You might be doing everything the right way but the client will still not be happy because he or she will be having a negative thought about you during the whole process.

Communication is two-way traffic so if communicate you must also be ready to listen. If as a massage therapist, you cannot listen to your clients and get to know both their emotional and physical needs, then I won’t be wrong in saying that you are not a good massage therapist. During the session, a massage therapist needs to listen keenly so that she can get to know when to change the technique accordingly in order to keep the customer happy. 

If you are not keen enough, you might be tempted to think that, just because a certain technique worked for a certain client it will work for another. This will only end up making you provide dissatisfying services which will make you lose a customer who you would have made a regular by just listening to him. As a client, you need to find yourself a massage therapist who listens to you when you suggest something like My Home Therapy, not the one who tries to force his views on you just coz they worked for another client.


Well, this is a quality that each and every massage therapist should have but unfortunately, only a few of them have it. This should be a primary skill for every well-trained massage therapist because massage sessions as I said are not all about delivering massage, it is way more than that. A lot of people who go for massage therapies are actually not there to get the message, they go there to relieve their stress and frustrations of the day and in as much as the therapy will help, a massage therapist needs to be able to get in their shoes and make them feel at home and ready to relieve all their stress. 

A good therapist needs to create a personality that the clients are looking for and he or she needs to show that he or she cares for the well- being of all his or her clients. For you to make it and become a good therapist, then you definitely need to have empathy. It is one of the most important qualities of a massage therapist and a very good massage therapist must have it.

Time management skills.

Another important skill that each and every good massage therapist must-have. Most of the massage sessions do take around 50 minutes and as a massage therapist, you need to know how to manage this time effectively in order to provide your client with total satisfaction within the time. A massage therapist needs to manage the 50 minutes accurately and take the session at the recommended pace so that the client feels satisfied with the services. 

No client would love it if he comes to you and you are taking everything so fast and you don’t even get to use all the 50 minutes. In most cases, the client will be dissatisfied with your services and he or she might never come back to you ever again and if he can’t come back again then it means he cannot recommend people to come to your message centre.

Strength and stamina.

For a person who has ever been to a massage session then you most definitely understand what I mean by a massage therapist must have strength and stamina. It does not mean that for you to be a therapist you must be like the rock or Vin Diesel. Strength and stamina are not on the muscles, a massage therapist might not be looking like he has enough strength but he is the best massage therapist. Don’t judge the massage therapist until you have received the message. 

After the massage session, you will get to know if the massage therapist has enough strength and stamina to be called a good massage therapist or not. And if you want to become a good massage therapist, you should keep in mind that strength and stamina are a basic need for every massage therapist. This is because massage usually takes a lot of strength and as a massage therapist you need to exert a lot of pressure in order to give the client satisfaction especially when you are doing deep tissue massage.


If you hope to become a successful therapist, integrity is a must-have. A lot of clients are going to trust you with their problems during the massage therapy session and it takes integrity to keep their secrets as well as not to judge them. Some will even share with you information that they have never shared with another person before, make sure their private information stays private.