Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is hand-picked to place less stress on the fibers, leaving them unbroken and straight. These fibers can be extended to manufacture very fine yarns which can be made without compromising the length resulting in softer and stronger cotton, unlike regular cotton, which contains more splices. Fabrics which is manufactured from Egyptian cotton are longer-lasting, finer, and softer and are worth paying top dollar for. The higher your thread count, the higher the quality is, permitting for soft and durable bed sheets.

Why Choose Egyptian Cotton?

With a recognized reputation of been crowned the best cotton worldwide, the strength, softness and high-class characteristics, products which are made from Egyptian cotton are considered of the world’s finest. This cotton has not earned this reputation for no reason., The difference that sets Egyptian cotton apart from fellow natural fibers are:
  • The length of the fibres – making the finest yarns without compromising the potency of the yarn.
  • The depth of the fibre - Harvested using high-end machines and premium cotton picker parts, Egyptian cotton has become one of the most coveted and high-class cotton in the world.
  • The ability to absorb liquids – makes the fabrics brighter, more resistant, and deeper colors.
  • It's unique – the softness of the fabric is unparalleled.
  • Hand-picked – which guarantees the maximum level of purity and it places less stress on the fibers leaving them intact and straight (as opposed to machine-picking).

With all the characteristics mentioned above, Egyptian cotton has become one of the most coveted and high-class cottons in the world. Products such as Egyptian cotton sheet which are made from Egyptian cotton is longer-lasting, finer, and softer than any other cotton found all over the world.

Which Thread Count Is Best For You?

Thread count is the number of threads that exist in each square inch and the more the thread count, the more dense, soft and luxurious the material feels. The quality of the yarn is also a predominant factor related to the feel of the product.
  • 120-180 Thread Count – most fitting for domestic use and rentals and are often found in hospitals. They are perfect for use in a spare room where usage is of a more basic form.
  • 200 Thread Count – a light percale and cool cotton which is mostly used during summer by hotels. It’s perfect for domestic use where you require cool bed linen and has a specific budget.
  • 400 Thread Count – one of the best-selling cotton products and is favored for its durability and cool feel. It has universal appeal and is found in large hotel chains worldwide.
  • 600 Thread Count – made with utilizing compressed air technology during the weaving process. The material is soft, lustrous, uniform, and very smooth. This luxurious cotton forms part of the upper range due to its quality and exclusivity.
  • 800-1000 Thread Count– this fabric speaks of ultimate luxury and extravagance and has even greater luster than the 600 Thread count. The fabric is fuller, has a robust feel yet silky weave. It is considered as the most beautiful bed linens all over for many years and for a good reason.