T-shirts never go out of style and fashion. And if you are one that “lives in” t-shirts, you can always try out your own concept and perhaps design one for yourself or your loved one. Also, the t-shirt that you design can serve as a gift for someone close to you. There is no better way to express your love and make the person feel important if you design a t-shirt for the person.

In this article, let us find out how you can proceed if you are looking forward to designing one. So, let us get started to know how you can design the coolest couples t-shirts.

What steps will you take in designing one?

Check out the following steps and tips-

1. Conceive the concept or idea

First and foremost, you have to be sure of the theme or the concept that you will give shape to. Let us say, you are designing a t-shirt for your spouse to celebrate a birthday, you can design a t-shirt that will have the image of a beautiful cake, some nice quotes, and since it can be personalized, you can add your spouse's name too. Choose t-shirts made for you two.

Alternatively, the concept can be anything other than a celebration. It can be a landscape or poetry. In fact, give "wings to your imagination," and you are sure to hit upon the right idea.

2. Do not clutter, keep it simple

The design that you explore or think of must not make the t-shirt look cluttered or chaotic. Keep it simple; clarity is king. Also, if you are planning to make a couple of t-shirts, make sure the design must complement each other.

You can either create it for yourself and your spouse or gift it to a couple of friends on any special occasion.

3. Choosing the right shades and hues

It is one of the most vital of all elements if you want your t-shirt to stand out from the rest. The color scheme you select must be in tandem with the theme. If you have a design that depicts a serene landscape, opt for subtle colors and hues.

4. Explore the market

If you are a professional t-shirt designer, then you will have to cater to your target audience's tastes and preferences. Best is to categorize or segregate your target audience as per age groups.

Children love it bright and vibrant. So, splash in some bright colors that will appeal to them. Then you have the couples' section, which you will come across in brief in the preceding paragraphs.

For executives, and people that love them on formal occasions, your designs and theme will essentially differ.

5. What is the USP?

To stand out from the rest, you must have your own defined USP. It should be such that people will flock to your online store or brick and mortar store for your signature stuff.

Last but not least, keep in mind the pricing too. It must be affordable for all age groups, the quality must be excellent, one of the main aspects that will bring clients back to you for more and in this way, you can have a long list of clients, whether old or new, and you will find the figures jumping by leaps and bounds over the years.