The video format is becoming increasingly important in the digital marketing sector. Online video site helps you to download videos from the most popular sites. So, if you want to download the videos in your preferred format, then Online Video Downloader is the best option.

Below is a list of Top Video Downloader Websites:

1. Downsv: 

If you want to download videos in 4K and HD resolutions, Downsv is your platform. It is a very intuitive tool since you can search by keywords or filter by categories.
When you give it to download the video then in less than five seconds, you already have your video in high quality.

2. Pixabay:

Another site that you probably know for its large bank of images and vectors is Pixabay. For a few years now it has implemented its own video bank in 4K (2160p) and HD (1080p).
You can search for the best video that suits your needs by filtering by categories, effects, and even animations and make use of them without a problem, and you can also modify them since they are royalty clip.
It also has a section of a blog to be aware of the latest news and a forum to answer questions about the sector.

3. Dareful: 

With this platform, you can also obtain videos in high resolution in 4K and are recorded by the founder of the page, Joel Holland, with his own drone or with his camera.

Each week upload five videos in high definition so you can download them. In this case, the videos are attributed to the Creative Commands 4.0 license. You can make use of the video in different formats, with or without commercial purposes and you can even edit them with the condition of linking to the author.

4. Pexels Videos: 

Pexels, in addition to being a page well known for its image bank, also has its own HD video bank. These videos can be downloaded for and quickly.

5. Getvideo

Many alternatives, Getvideo provides a quick and no-frills solution for everyone to save their favorite videos from social media and other platforms


Some rely on it for entertainment, whether in audio or video form. btclod online downloader enables you to download anything that you can, whether that’s audio, MP3, playlist, or video.

One of the advantages, offered by Pexels, is that you can make use of the videos you download for your projects without any problem since they are of copyright with Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. No need to register and also has a search engine to filter your search based on your interests.

So if you want to download videos in your desired format, then online downloading site help you to do it.