customers engaged

According to a study, if you are able to increase the retention rate of your customers by 5%, it means you are able to increase the profits of your business 25 percent to 95 percent. So it is very important to keep your customers engaged. Here you will get to know about a few tips that can help you retain your customers on your website for a longer period of time. Some of these are loyalty bonuses, communication, selling, reciprocity, support and so on.

1. Communication

Communication is the biggest tool that can keep your customers retained to your business. If you are offering complete attention to your customers, then higher are the chances that you will able to retain your customers on your website. Give an answer to the queries of your customers as fast as you can. Always stay connected and in touch with your customers.

2. Focus on the four “I” s

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to focus on the four “I” s present there named interaction, involvement, intimacy, and influence. If you as a business owner is able to focus on these four “I”s then nothing can stop you from making your business successful. Yes, customers are the most valuable part of any business therefore if required you can change your business policies according to customers. Even if you are new to customer engagement factor still, this simple yet effective method can be very helpful for you.

3. Offer great user customer

Your website is the host and your customers are the guests coming to the party, it is your website’s responsibility to offer them a great experience that they will love to come back over and over again. Like to make your customers engaged to your website, you can add strategy games to your website that people will love to play. You can choose the games as per your kind of business website. This is a great way to offer a great user experience to your customers.

4. Great customer service

Yes, customer service is one of the most important factors that can make your customers satisfied with your products and services. Whenever you solve your customer’s problem, they will influence your customer services.

5. Use games

You should have free online games installed on your website. This will enhance your customer retention rate to your website. Add games that are relevant to the products and services that your businessoffer. There are also free online games are available that you can add to your website and let your customers play these for free and not just that to keep them engaged, you can reward them after taking up some challenges in the games. People love to earn incentives and when they can earn money while playing games, what can be better than this. It is one of the best and innovative ways to keep your customers engaged at your website.

Continuously offer new challenges

Yes, to make your customers engaged at your website, it is important to continuously offer them new challenges that they will love to take. Offering continuous challenge behaves as a milestone in between to achieve the destination. This is a great way to offer long term engagement to your customers.

6. Personalize to engage customers

There are people who love personalization. Offer them personalized rewards specific to their location. Personalization does not only enhance your business sales by 19% but as well as these are a great way to drive customer engagement to your website. Do you know 75% of the customers love to receive personalized messages from brands?

So, it is time to deliver them messages according to their searches made over your website or according to their interests and not just deliver add-on messages. This will enhance the sales of your brand while keeping your customers engaged.

Yes, it is important to attract potential customers to your website, but it is equally important to keep your older customers engaged at your website. If you are not able to keep your older customers engaged with you then higher are the chances that you would not survive in this highly competitive world. Use the above-given idea to keep your customers engaged at your website. These are the most effective strategies to enhance customer retention to y our website.