Layered bob hairstyles are famous, modern and fashionable and almost every lady has tried one. Here are some styles you should try this year.
Many celebrities around the world sport fashionable haircuts. Nowadays every lady wants to appear glamorous and stylish as if just from a five-star hotel somewhere in Dubai. And the only way to achieve that look is by rocking a layered bob hairstyle of your choice. Layered styles provide you with a myriad of styling options; whether you need a tousled, voluminous or flat style, you will get it at your disposal.

However short-cropped and chin-length hairstyles are the top picks for fashionable bob versions. These exude fringy and trimmed edges, amazing texture and admirable asymmetry. They also provide you with two ways to wear them either you need an updo or lose styles. The modern extended bob also incorporates breath-taking ombre and highlights. And for ladies with thin to medium dense hair, you may consider textured bobs. If you have thick curly or straight hair, this might not be so good for you. Take a look at these layered bob hairstyles and choose the one that would be flattering on you.

Beautiful Pastel Blonde.

For women blessed with thick manes, you don’t need to learn about dye tricks in order to make your hair look fuller. Rather opting for a solid shade will add a cool texture to your layered bob haircut. The pastel blonde is sensual and fanciful with some stoutness; best for women who are both sensual and sweet.

Contemporary Golden Bob.

If you need a layered bob with chic appeal, try the prolonged bangs and a deep side that pair well with the rest of the choppy haircut. There are many choices for styling the layers and making them unique. You can opt for sea-salt spray or mousse ideal for short mane. However, you need to try each of them and choose the one that suits you better.

Subtly Chopped Tousled Bob.

A shaded bob that is subtly chopped gives you a beautiful and sophisticated look with great depth. The styling pays attention to details, and that helps eliminate weight from the thick and heavy locks, while the highlights and the tousled styling presents free and sun-kissed touch.

Tan Bob and Highlights.

If you are looking for a style that would be a show stopper, then consider shading your layered bob with vibrant colour and include some beautiful highlights.

Touchable Bob.

If you like playing and tossing your hair back and forth whenever you are not busy, then this is the best hairstyle you should consider. It is a perfectly cropped haircut which features well done layers. But you want to choose a professional stylist for the best results. Get pictures of this style from Pinterest or Instagram then take it to your stylist and tell her to style an exact cut for you.

Inverted Bob and Swoopy Layers.

When you need a fun and sophisticated haircut that is also easy to maintain, choose an A-line bob cut. Layered bob haircuts work well on ladies with round-shaped faces since the extended chin-length layers give them a tenderizing impact. We also like the hue of this bob; the brown colour gives a dramatic glint of blonde.

Collarbone Ash Blonde Bob.

As you would expect, the longer the locks, the heavier they appear, but you can give your long-layered bob some lightness with correct colouring and layers. If you need an airy hairstyle that is lively and fresh, opt for wispy razored layers and light partial balayage in warm tones.

Curly Bob and Highlights.

For beautiful, chic bob, select layers that showcase streaks and highlights. Because of the gorgeous hues, the curls appear pretty more like whirls. Curl the layers at the bottom, and also those at the top and middle in an alternating direction for a beautiful and feminine look.

Wavy Layered Bob.

This attractive look incorporates beautiful short waves and a cook, cinnamon-honey shade that is nothing but a game-changer for your looks. Ladies blessed with wavy manes would get a haircut that is easy to style and takes little of your time.

Caramel Blonde And V-Cut Layers.

The softness and edge are what defines this layered bob haircut. It includes side-swept bangs that make the style appear modern and on-trend.