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The Paris fashion week is one of the most exquisite and chic events of the fashion world, and it lived up to the expectations and higher this season as well. A lot of new trends were introduced and a lot of older ones were revived. But there were only a few who deserve the distinction of being the best trends of the season.

Now if you aren’t a complete fashion buff, then you most probably don’t follow the whole fashion week. So, to summarize it for you we have compiled a list of the five best trends of this season that you need to know about.

Bold and Prominent Shoulders

One of the most appreciated and most popular trends of this fashion week that is definitely going to be around for a while is bold shoulders. If you were to accentuate and highlight one body part in this season, it would have to be your shoulders, and from the looks of the models we have seen on the ramp bigger is better. It doesn’t matter if they are on tops, coats or dresses padded shoulders are back with a blast and they are better than ever. The trend has also been named power shoulders, and it is a very empowering trend for women.

Metallic Textures

This year’s fashion week has also seen a quite anticipated return of metallic textures. Models were walking on the ramp with some amazing metallic accessories, and according to the designers, the metallic trend is not only for the night anymore. No matter what the time is the shiner your accessories are, the better. The metallic texture has also been featured in many dresses and coats this fashion week, which is a very chic and elegant design choice.

Customized Embroidered T-Shirts

If we were to choose the statement trend of this season, then it would have to be customized embroidered t-shirts. This fashion trend takes the humble t-shirt to a whole new level and adds a lot of style to the otherwise simple clothing element. Many models graced the ramp in some amazing embodied t-shirts. So, get your hand on some now to stay tuned with the current fashion statements.

Bucket Hats

There have been a lot of hats in general in this fashion week, but as opposed to the beanie, a new hat is taking the mantle of the “it” hat this season. Yeah, the bucket hat has been making a lot of appearances on many ramps, but since the models in the Paris fashion week came out with them, they have been legitimized as a solid and classy trend. So, you better get yourself a cool bucket hat to go with other trends.

Puffer Jackets

Another major trend that has followed on in this season is the puffer jacket, the puffer jacket pattern has been in style for a while now, and at the current rate, it is not showing any sign of slowing down. Just forget about jackets, the material has also been used to make dresses that look amazing. So, all you people living in cold areas, don’t worry. The puffer jacket trend isn’t going anywhere.

Follow the trends mentioned above and raise your fashion game today!

About the Author:

Liam Bold is a fashion student based in France. He spends a significant amount of time working for trends on the internet and loves all the high street brands. He regularly shares his ideas about how to get better in style and to put together outfits. You can check out his ideas at