canopy tent

Whether you are deciding to host an outdoor party going to participate in an exhibition, a canopy tent is the best option for setting up your event. Apart from letting you enjoy outdoor fun, it protects you from sunlight, rain, and other weather conditions, and that's what party tents are well-known for.

As canopies are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it is necessary to understand their different types.

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Instant Canopy

Do you want to have a canopy with an easy and quick setup? If yes, then an instant canopy tent would serve your needs. It is one of the easiest canopies that you can use. These are designed to use for a short period like camping or beachside picnic. This light-weighted canopy protects you from UV rays and rain.

Instant canopy is fabricated with aluminium frame pieces, which makes them lighter in weight. If you are planning for a one-day event, then it is the best canopy that is easy to install and remove.

Frame Tent

Supported by poles, frame tents are best for short term shelter and small or medium-sized event. These are easy to install, but unlike instant canopy, they cannot be set up by a single person. As there are no centre poles in a frame tent, it gives you an unobstructed view.

It is the right pick if you want it to be installed on surfaces other than grass, like on a patio, concrete, pavements, etc. Be it an outdoor birthday party, engagement, wedding or baby shower; frame tents are suitable for all occasions. They can withstand strong winds with their higher peaks and the aluminium framing structure for the fabric of the tent.

Pole Tents

Large gatherings like wedding, family picnic, corporate party, exhibition, etc. can be effortlessly organized in pole tents. The centre and side poles keep the tent stable at a place by providing ultimate support to the tent. Being heavy, these are suitable to use for longer durations and easy to set up.

The fabric and pole skirts help in providing an elegant look to your canopy tent during your outdoor event.

If you are considering a big event and have a wider clear space, then a pole tent is the best choice for such events.

Dome Tents

If you are planning for some fun or game activities, or register for an event, then a dome tent is an ideal choice. The unique structured dome tent is staked into the grass and is weighted to use on pavement. You can also put the rain fly on your tent to protect it from rain and to enjoy your camping.

But it is not the right choice for any event that involves an open flame for cooking.

Tension Tents

These are similar to pole tents; the only difference is the peak height. Due to their taller peak, tension tents are also known as high peak tents. These are not suitable for indoor use or near an existing structure. Best to be used for the long-term, with increased wind resistance, these are ideal for formal events.

Custom Tents

Your event can also look unique and exciting by using canopy tents with custom graphics. Select the type of canopy that fits your requirements and customize it by designing with your preferred colours and graphics.

You can get it customized with cartoon characters if it’s an event for kids, or design it for a corporate event, etc. A customized tent is the best way for having a canopy that compliments the occasion.

Whatever the occasion be, select the type of canopy after considering the type of event, weather conditions and gathering. As you are aware now, with the different types of canopy, select the one this fits your requirements.