Prague, Czech Republic

Prague - beautiful, colourful and lively. Backpackers are now swarming to Prague to jump on the bandwagon of recognizing this amazing city as just that, and who can blame them?

With scenic views, picturesque buildings and an inspiring atmosphere, Prague is one city which you just can’t stay away from. With a stunning 9th century castle and surprisingly active nightlife - diverse and filled with everything from the upper-class wine bars to less-so cellar bars - what’s not to love about this city?

All that’s left to do is pack your bags and try to fit everything into one visit!

What’s the best time to visit Prague?

This depends on whether you want to be flanked by crowds of other tourists or left alone to see the city in its natural state.
  • Spring in Prague entertains mild weather and light levels of tourists, so this may be best if you don’t want to be queueing for restaurants or scrambling to try and find hotel rooms.
  • Winter tends to be quiet, since the cold weather keeps many tourists away, leading to more affordable prices and easier-to-access major attractions, as well as a lovely location to spend your winter holiday.
  • If hustle-and-bustle is your thing, then the mid-to-late summer months are Prague’s peak season, wherein people will be everywhere, prices will be high and room will be sparse - you have been warned.

What’s good to know about Prague?

You can see many great things in Prague. One of the most notable things in Prague is the Prague Old Town. Next to that, you can experience the amazing culture and wonderful beer. Prague has a rich history full of conflicts but it has emerged as one of the top urban destinations of this century.

One Day In Prague Itinerary

So, here are some things that you need to see if you are in Prague for one day:

Chotek Gardens

To the north of the castle complex, you will find a beautiful royal garden with Italian Renaissance touche. Then you can see the peaceful and wonderful Letna Park which also has the beer garden along the banks of Vltava. It will give you great views, great beers and a lot of relaxation too.

National Film Museum

Although a museum may not be your immediate idea of ‘fun’, Prague’s National Film Museum, close to the Vltava River and next to the peaceful Franciscan Gardens, is a fascinating and wondrous adventure through film’s history and present.

Visitors praise the virtual reality elements of the museum, with which the staff are available to help and incredibly friendly. The museum explores film from the time of old projectors to the modern age, with advanced technology and widely accessible film, and is an interesting way to spend a morning in Prague.

It has a wonderful atmosphere for both children and adults, with a cool ‘underground workroom’ vibe. Displays are interactive, excellent for kids, and can be touched, fiddled with, observed and pressed, to a child’s heart’s content, serving as visual, audible and kinesthetic aids to learning.

Inside the museum, you feel like you are in a different world, separated from the city, where film is the focus and the world is available at your fingertips - truly, a magical experience.

Off-Road Safari

An off-road safari in a 4x4 through the beautiful Czech countryside might be right for you. “The Czech countryside is gorgeous, especially in Spring,” Robert H. Isherwood, a travel writer for Writinity and Last Minute Writing, “so I can’t think of a better way to enjoy it than roaming through it in an off-road vehicle with an experienced guide pointing out all the finer features to you, making it enjoyable and informative. It’s a day out that I’d love to experience again and again and- well, you get the picture!”

On your journey, you can discover volcanoes and animal farms; mines and pubs. The contrasts of human involvement with nature are everywhere, and sometimes they work together to create beautiful structures which have stood the test of time.

The mines, for example - however, sometimes nature is left to its own devices, as with the volcanoes, so humans can only admire nature’s creation from afar, enchanted by its dangerous yet intoxicating appearance.

All of this can be experienced for a very fair price, considering the experience, and you’ll remember it for a lifetime.

The Charles Bridge

One of the best things to do in Prague is to walk across the Charles Bridge. This bridge was constructed by Charles IV and it’s really old, dating back to 1300s. It used to be the only way to cross the Vltava river, but now it’s just one of many.

It’s just for pedestrians and it’s one of the biggest attractions in Prague.

See the Astronomical Clock

This astronomical clock or the Orloj is located in the Old Square. You’ll find it on the Old Town Hall Wall and it dates back to 1410.

“This is the third oldest clock in the world and the oldest working one as well. You can watch the Walk of Apostles every hour as they mark the time,” says Florence Smith, a travel bloggert at Draft Beyond and Researchpapersuk.

St. Vitus Cathedral

On the grounds of Prague castle, you will find this gorgeous gothic cathedral. This is the seat of the archbishop of Prague.

It’s one of the most beautiful buildings in the country and very imposing as well. There is a Christmas Market here as well.

Old Town Square

This place is the heart of Prague. It will transport you through time and it’s surrounded by old buildings. This is the place to see some of the previous sights we mentioned and definitely a place to visit if you want to get to know Prague.

There are many museums and churches as well as great seasonal markets.

See The Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall is one of the coolest things in Prague. It’s an evolving thing and it contains many portraits of John Lennon, grievances against communism, political activism statements and so on. Performers also often sign Beatles songs which is amazing.

A Boat Ride

This is one of the most charming things to do in Prague and it will take you back in time. There are Venitian-like water paths and and you can sail with the swans. It will give you some of the best views you have ever seen.

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