Travel with a Scooter

Scooters have grown in popularity over the years, and have become a trend in recent times. As a matter of fact, 2018 was dubbed "the year of the scooter" because of the sheer number of scooters that flooded the market and our sidewalks.

What makes scooters appealing is how they take almost no effort to operate and they get you where you want to go, whether it's the local grocery store, around a park or just sightseeing in a new city. Unlike skateboards, scooters do not require almost extraordinary skills to master. Everyone can operate a scooter, even kids. They are a safe means of transport, especially since the users ride their scooters on the sidewalk and not on the street.

A bonus to the environment is that scooters do not run on non-renewable sources of energy. Modern scooters use batteries which are rechargeable, kind of like your phone. You can travel up to 40 miles after a full charge, which is impressive for such a small and light machine.

While a scooter is good for going around one city with, it can pose a challenge when traveling. It is pretty simple if you're driving into the next town or two because you will just fold your scooter, if it is the foldable type, throw it in your trunk and you are good to go. A challenge arises when you need to use a plane to travel and you do not want to bear the costs of buying a new scooter.

In this article, I will break down what you need to know about how to travel with a scooter, from how to make it portable to how to get it on a plane.

How to Package a Scooter for Travel

Most modern scooters are foldable and are thus very portable. It is very simple to fold a scooter. As a matter of fact, I'll break it down in 5 simple steps:

a. Locate the clamp on the T-tube and turn it.

The T-tube is the long stem that runs perpendicularly to the deck. In order to simplify the process of folding your scooter, make sure that it is standing up straight, with the T-tube being completely perpendicular to the deck.

b. Press the button near the clamp and push down the T-tube.

The T-tube will swiftly slide down to half its size. This makes it almost the same length as the deck of your scooter.

c. Locate a clamp near the front wheel of the scooter and turn it.

This clamp is near the deck, but still on the T-tube. It is easy to locate as it is way down on the T-tube. After you find it, turn it much in the same way you turned the clamp to half the T-tube. This will make the T-tube foldable. Make sure that the wheels face in front, not turned to the left or to the right, as this makes it easier to fold the scooter.

d. Bend the T-tube towards the deck.

At this point, if you have done the previous steps properly this will be easy. The T-tube will lie down on the deck, giving it the appearance of the suspension frame on a bike.

e. Pick up your scooter and go!

Best Way to Travel with a Scooter

To travel, you need to wrap your scooter in plastic in order to protect it from damage during transit. Cover all parts with plastic. This also applies to scooters that do not fold. You do not want to get to your destination and find that your scooter is broken.

You need to check with the airline you are traveling with to see if they allow you to travel with a scooter or not. It is easy to check on their website to confirm, but if you want to be certain it is better to call them up.

If they do not allow scooters as luggage there is not much to do. You can either decide to leave the scooter but with the abundance of airlines, it is easier to just change the airline you are using. Most airlines allow scooters of up to 60 pounds, so double-check your scooter to confirm that it fits the criteria.

Remember to give the airline all the information about your scooter luggage and make sure that you keep a record of their confirmation that you can indeed carry your scooter. This is important because sometimes people have been delayed while the airline attendants confirm that the scooter was allowed.

So there you go! If you follow these tips, it will be easy for you to package and travel with a scooter, whether it is yours, your kid's scooter, or both.