Running Shoes for Supination

Running is an activity that an individual may do indoors and outdoors as well. This activity is a good way to burn calories, that’s why a lot of people does this. A lot of sports that athletes play also consider running as a very important skill. But for a person to appreciate a better and even the best gaming experience, the right pair of shoes must be used. Of course, this will depend on the type of activity and the condition of your feet as well. Let’s take a look at a person, who is experiencing supination while running.

Supination or under pronation happens when your foot starts rolling outwards as you do the running activity. Actually, this condition will not be a problem to a runner, if you can only learn how to choose the best running shoes for supination. You should know that when you run on the outer edge of your feet for a long time can be very harmful to your legs. When you are running, you have to avoid injuries by wearing the right pair of shoe. Actually, having a high arches leads to this condition. You are still lucky because your disorder can be corrected and supported.
 Running Shoes
You will know that you supinate through a few signs and symptoms. Some of you may be feeling persistent Achilles tendonitis or Achilles pains, repeated ankle sprains, ankle pain, continuous shin pain or splints, plantar fasciitis or stabbing pains in the bottom of your feet and heel, calluses, blisters, swelling, soring of the lower legs and feet, and relentless pain on the outside knee or the IT Band Syndrome. But keep in mind that not every runner can feel these. However, once the pain is felt, you should never ignore it to avoid experiencing a worse problem in the future.


One of the important factors that you have to consider when choosing the best shoes for a supinating foot is the support. When you supinate, your feet are rolling outwards throughout the gait cycle. This means that you are putting the majority of the weight of your body outside the feet. This may also cause an unbalanced or unstable stride.

Therefore, you have to choose a pair that is specifically designed with support for supination. And then, you must also base this on the size of your arch, which is low, middle and high. Now, if you have a really high arch, then I suggest you to choose the one that is built for a full-out supination pair of shoe.


The next thing that you need to consider is the cushion. In fact, one of the challenges that a runner, especially with supination is the shock absorption. Most of the time, you experience a really high level of shock on the lower level of your legs, especially when you have a high arch.

When you are running outside the gait cycle or outside the edge of your foot, it means that you are relying on the ankle and toes for absorbing shock. Of course, this causes pain not only on your foot but with the ankle and legs as well. Now, if you are not going to treat this, then you will develop injuries.

Therefore, it is necessary to have an extra cushion feature. The more cushion, the more it absorbs shock. This will actually bring relief to the foot, ankle and leg. With the added cushion, expect to feel less pain as you run. But keep in mind that the extra cushion must be more in the midsole and outside the shoe.


The extra cushion is good, however, you also need the pair of shoes to be flexible. Since the added cushion is for shock absorption. The flexibility feature is for an even distribution of the impact when the shock is absorbed. Instead of only letting the outside part absorb shocks, it spreads out to the whole foot.

It could also be that the shock absorption is only focused on the midsole, which may also lead to some sufferings. Therefore, make sure that flexibility and cushion go well.


There are times when you only consider the manufacturer. Would you like to buy the shoes because it is a good brand? Let’s say that the quality is really good, but is it designed for the condition of your foot? If not, then you will surely suffer and feel pain when this pair is used for running.

Do not simply consider the brand and the quality of the product. Make sure that it will satisfy your needs and requirements. Since you run, this must be a running shoe. But you have a supination condition, too. Therefore, it must also be designed for your type of foot and supination condition as well. If you can find this on the market, then you will surely have the best running experience.