Call Tracking

Businesses use call tracking as a strategy to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. It’s actually a tool that makes it easy for any business to trace the source of its leads. Since every business uses multiple channels to promote its products or services, using a single line would complicate the process of analyzing the leads that result from each marketing channel. Assuming that a business uses the same phone number for referrals originating from social media ads, Google ads, SEO, email marketing, TV and radio ads and newspaper ads, knowing which channel generated the most leads would remain a mystery.

How it Works

Once you have decided to start tracking calls that are made to your business you must first install the marketing software into the phones that will be used for monitoring the leads. Besides that, you have to dedicate a unique phone line for each marketing channel. This means that one number can’t be used on different marketing platforms. For instance, the number that will be displayed on TV ads has to be different from that which is shared in radio ads or social media ads. The software generates an exclusive call log report that’s advanced than the one you normally get from your mobile device. The report shows the hour of the call and how long the call lasted.

The Benefits

Like mentioned earlier in the article, call tracking is meant to eliminate chances of making uninformed marketing decisions. Without the correct data, an enterprise would make mistakes that would result in huge losses. Since most marketing campaigns cost an arm and a leg, funding a campaign that’s not generating considerable leads would amount to loss. But when the source of every lead is known, the owner of an enterprise can discontinue campaigns that are least effective and focus more on those that bring in more traffic. At the end of the day, it’s the rate of conversions that matter the most.

Since call tracking lets you know where each lead is calling from, you can use that information to measure your business’s level of penetration or market share in certain areas. In other words, you can use such data to know the locations where your brand is popular. And if you have a wide range of products or services, you can know where they sell the most. This can help you in market targeting by ensuring that you market a product or a service where it’s needed the most.

The other advantage of call tracking is that it helps you monitor the way your employees respond to customer inquiries. Since the call tracking software comes with a recording feature, you can tell how many calls were not answered. Keep in mind that a missed call is equivalent to a customer that bounced away after landing on your website. You should therefore address this issue with your employees because it amounts to missed opportunities. You can also use the phone recordings to tell when your employees did not speak politely to your customers. Such employees are bad for business because they will discourage customers from ever returning through the platform that they used to know about the services or products that you offer.