Skateboarding is not only for men but also for women. Many women have impressed the world with their talent and style. Check it out for a list of the best female skateboarders.

Are men the dominant ones in skateboarding?. Absolutely not! Tons of female skateboarders can also nail it out there.

This article will introduce a couple of famous female skateboarders and their outstanding achievements, which will impress all of you. But if you really want to be the girl's skateboard, you must learn how to skateboard first!

Leticia Bufoni

Leticia Bufoni
Leticia Bufoni

Bursting upon the scene from 14 years old, Leticia Bufoni now has ranked 22nd overall. This Brazilian girl is a real goddess of street skating.

Leticia is famous for her excellent records:

  • She is the only female to win 3 X Games Gold medals in 3 different disciplines in the same year. She is also the current street champion of the 2018 X-Games.
  • She is the first female skateboarder to win the Street League championship in 2015. Leticia couldn’t join the finals this year because of her ankle injury.
Leticia’s list of sponsorships includes big names like Nike SB, Venture trucks, Crail Trucks, Plan B Skateboards, Oakley, Bones wheels, TNT Energy Drink, Grizzly, and GoPro.

Besides that, you should know that she rides a Harley and skydives every week. She undoubtedly sends it 100% and is the best at what she does. That’s why everyone loves Leticia. 

Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie Armanto
Lizzie Armanto
Hailing from Santa Monica, California, Lizzie Armanto ranks 9th in the Best Professional Female Skateboarders list.

Lizzie started skating when she was 14 years old, and now she is a star of skating bowls and vert. She can kill the slunt, one of the most dangerous tricks on the skateboard.

You may know or not, Lizzie Armanto is one of a few who can defy gravity. She is the first female skater to conquer Tony Hawk’s infamous 360-vertical loop.

What Lizzie has achieved is impressive.

  • From 2010 to 2012, Lizzie gained the highest points in the World Cup of Skateboarding.
  • In 2013, Lizzie won the gold medal at the X Games in Barcelona, Spain.
  • In 2014, she won the Van Doren Invitational in Huntington Beach, California.
  • Totally, Lizzie has won over 30 awards for skateboarding.
  • Now she is preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
  • Lizzie’s list of sponsors includes Birdhouse, Bones, Independent trucks and, Vans.
She is also an inspiring girl who wants to give back to the community and contribute to the development of the skateboarding community. Her recent activity was spreading some stock in India and teaching a clinic to help female skaters. 

Lacey Baker

Lacey Baker
Lacey Baker
Coming from California, Lacey Baker ranks 43rd overall and is also a candidate for the Top 10 Professional Female Skateboarders in 2019.

Lacey impresses everyone with her excellent skills and her hard-working spirit in everything she does. She has a degree in Graphic Design, and her works are just as unique as her skating performances.

After joining the 2017 Nike roster, Lacy designed this brand's first female skate shoe. She is also the first openly lesbian to join the Nike Skateboarding team.

Lacey has gained a lot of achievements in her life and career, including second place at the 2018 Street League Skateboarding Women.

She is sponsored by Meow Skateboards, Pawn Shop, Indy, Bones, Vans, Gnar Hunters, etc. 

Vanessa Torres

Vanessa Torres
Vanessa Torres
Vanessa Torres is a famous OG female street skater and one of the top female skateboarders in the world. She has been around skating since she was 13 years old. Vanessa is an American with Mexican roots, so she spends most of her time in 2 places: San Francisco and San Diego. 

Her style is mainly versatile, but she also does some vert and street.

Vanessa was the first girl to win gold at the 2003 X Games; this was her first featured female skateboarding competition. One year later, she won the silver at the X Games Street Competition. And she still placed in the top ten years then.

The female skateboarder star is featured in several videos and clips related to female skateboarding, like AKA: Girl Skater (2003), Getting Nowhere Faster (2004), and Quit Your Day Job (2014). She is also the third female to appear in video game series made by Tony Hawk, after Elissa Steamer and Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins.

Her current sponsors are Meow Skateboards, Gnar Hunters, Rockstar Bearings, Kingswell and the CHPO brand. 

Mariah Duran

Mariah Duran
Mariah Duran
Another fantastic female skateboarder oon this list is Mariah Duran, a 21-year-old girl from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Besides famous names like Lacey Baker, Vanessa Torres, and Adrianne Sloboh, Mariah is also a member of the Meow team.

When she was in New Mexico, she spent a lot of time skating ditches in the skatepark, but now she is an expert on flat ground.

Except for the first place in the Exposure Pro Street division, her results at significant events were low. But in 2018, she won her first gold in the women’s skateboarding street competition at X Games Minneapolis. In March 2019, she was announced as a member of the inaugural U.S.A Skateboarding National Team. She is also a candidate to compete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Mariah’s list of sponsors includes Meow Skateboards, Adidas, the CHPO brand, and Cloud 9 grip tape.

Jenn Soto

Jenn Soto
Jenn Soto
If you watch skateboarding often, you must have heard the name of Jenn Soto, the Street League Skateboarding Women winner this year.

Hailing from Jersey City, this 22-year-old skater has skated for 11 years, and now she can nail vert, street, oversized rails, etc. Not many skaters can hold their own on different styles like Jenn.

Before the 2019 SLS Women Competition, Jenn Soto won gold at the London Street League Pro Open and placed second at Dew Tour Long Beach in 2018. She is also featured in the “Skate Girls” series.

Jenn has the best cleantech style out of any other young pro female skaters and is expected to kill the female skateboarding competitions next year.

She is sponsored by Nike SB, Primitive Skateboarding, and Skullcandy.

Last words

Sadly, not many girls are encouraged to skate because it has been seen as a boys’ thing for too long. But these women have shown that people’s thoughts are wrong.

Don't hesitate to do it if you are a girl and you find skating calm. Instead of a skateboard, you can choose a longboard for girls and start. Enjoy yourself with what you want to do and prove your talents to the world.