Before marketing for your new project in the Middle East to win new customers and export your products and services to the Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt), you need to know the nature of this market on the Internet and which platforms are best to get the best results

Before starting any online marketing campaign, it is important to understand the context in which will be marketing, so here we will identify some basic information about Saudi Arabia and then we will show you how to choose the best digital marketing agency.

This statistics by Blue Brand digital marketing agency jeddah

Digital Marketing in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a population of 32.94 million TLD for

Most popular sites search engine - for videos - twitter and Facebook with snapchat are the best and most popular social media websites in this country.

Saudi Arabia is the most popular country in terms of online purchasing statistics in the Middle East, electronic devices are one of the best products and most purchased through electronic stores and then come online Games

Geo-targeting Opportunities
Riyadh: the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia and have the largest market
Jeddah: the second country in Saudi Arabia and you have to target it in your marketing campaign
Al-Medina: have a good market share too.

Which digital marketing channel you should use?
Search engines: Google Is the primary search engine in Saudi Arabia Google’s market share ranges from 95-97%

SEM is the most effective marketing channel for Saudi target, paid and organic results|, search engines have great confidence from the Saudi people ... where 60% of the purchases are done through the search engines. If you want to promote on the engines in Saudi Arabia you are on the right track.

Social media: there is 23 million users in social media in 2018
YouTube: The most used platform in Saudi Arabia by 73%, so you can consider that video promotion is the best way to reach new customers You have to create your own channel and professionally produce and promote the highest target audience.

WhatsApp: The second platform in the use of 72% You can target them with different ads

Facebook Instagram Twitter Snapchat: 62% 60% 65% 45% Is the ratio of active users through the platforms of the social Media You can train a very large audience through presence and promotion on these different platforms and interact with the audience to get the maximum return on these advertising campaigns.