A recurring problem for BMW owners these days is when they are faced with the problem of a crash or scratch caused in the bodywork of their BMWs, many owners choose to repair their vehicles directly at BMW dealerships which is not always feasible for many, because the values ​​are in their average very high when compared to those of a conventional workshop that does not have the BMW flag properly But we are here to help you solve these types of problems, in many of the cases kneaded doors, side and sludge can be repaired in a workshop and conventional paint shop, there are many workshops that do great jobs that leave nothing to be desired in your repairs to dealerships and BMW repair centres.

Let's give an example of a small dent: suppose you have a small dent in your expensive, this work in many cases can be repaired by a gold hammer that in addition to being the smallest value, is a work that will maintain originality of your car as it will not need to be done painting itself, keeping your original car like it's factory. BMW launches a program of maintenance and repairs in certified workshops at an attractive value, used not only in the new vehicles but also for vehicles with advanced age and high and out of warranty KM, it is the Center Provides that nothing else is that workshops referenced by BMW. Without a doubt, the values ​​are very competitive and it is a great alternative for new BMW owners and even the older ones.

This offer is only valid for 3 series models with 4 cylinder engines. The service uses premium synthetic BMW oil. Oil viscosities may vary by model. Prices include oil, parts and labor. Additional costs may apply. Offers not available on M models. Diesel models may incur additional charges. Ask your BMW Center for more details.

BMW Value Service available only at participating BMW centers.

All work is done by trained BMW technicians using genuine BMW parts, which come with a limited two-year unlimited mileage warranty. Warranty repairs do not constitute an extension of the original limited warranty period for the vehicle or part thereof.

Everyone Wants Protection for BMW Car

Whether you are a car cover wholesaler or just the ordinary car owner, you will want to know about outdoor car covers are one of those accessories that have become a necessity. Truth is, they have always been a necessity, just people have not realised it. Now, though, people understand more how important it is to own one.

Whether the car is stored indoors or outdoors, it will need to be covered, though more so if it is kept outdoors. Even when stored in the garage, the car will become the local dust collector, and end up looking old and be-ragged before you know it. A car that is stored outdoors falls prey to the various weather conditions, and the negative effect they have on the car. Take the rain for example. Rain leaves awful watermarks on the exterior and causes the bodywork to rust with time. Acid levels in the rain are extremely high and end up eating away the car's paintwork so that the car looks horribly patchy.

BMW M6 Coupe Review

As we all know that the BMW M6 is the highest performance stage of the 6 series, in 2012 BMW introduced the third shape of the M6, with all the new shape that looks like a magnet, can not remove the eye while looking at it. It came with the new F codes that represent the future, called F12 for the cabriolet and F13 for the Coupe one. Our review today is about the M6 ​​Coupe F13. This ride can go from static to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds because of its Turbo 4.4 Liter V8 Engine with the 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission to produce 560 Horse powers.

BMW Brazil launches BMW workshop certification project

The BMW Group Brazil has initiated a global project, in partnership with DEKRA surveys, in order to train and certify the BMW workshops bodywork and paint dealers and authorized the brands BMW and MINI. In order to enhance excellence for its customers in the aftermarket when the customer does a service in a BMW, workshop is a priority for the BMW group. The first completed projects were certified on Thursday, 5.11.2015, at a ceremony held in São Paulo. In order to be part of the certified workshops, the workshops were submitted to eight stages of the shop and painting process, such as workshop management, customer service, the technology used in rendering services and finishing as the main result of the certificate. The collaborators of the workshops that are part of the project spent about 120 hours of classes at the BMW Group Brazil Training Center,


The BMW M3 E46 CSL ( Coupe Sport Lightweight ) was produced for the 2004 model launched with a limited number of cars with only 1400 cars with a lighter body than the normal M3 E46 launched at the same time with 110 kg. This lightweight body came from the removal of some car equipment such as electric seats, navigation systems and reducing the weight of air conditioning and sound systems. After 10 years producing this machine, CSL owners want to do something to show their love for it, so they decided to have a festival attract owners from different regions of Europe to join them. 50 owner of the M3 Coupe Sport Lightweight arrived at the festival site at the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany at the same time. BMW Pininfarina Grant he BMW in partnership with the Italian company Pininfarina to design a new BMW to repeat the success of the BMW Zagat Coupé and Roadster that enjoyed by many Bummers, a week ago, BMW released information and pictures about Gran Lasso Coupe at Villa diets. This BMW car launched with Pininfarina's vision for what the BMW coupe cars might look like, they gave it a long wheelbase, even if it is a coupe, but they want it to be luxurious BMW Coupe with 21-inch Wheels that can be suitable for your size Lasso Coupe.

BMW M5 F10 V8 4.4 Twin Power Turbo

Finally, BMW has released the official photos of the BMW M5 F10 with more than our expectations. Also with the new competition package that will increase the car handling process and boost the M5 with the 4.4 litre V8 M Twin Power Turbo Technology lifted by 11 kW to be 423KW / 575 hp . also upgraded the car with the new ceramic brakes they launched in March this year.

The exterior look of the M5 facelift has changed a little adding a few details, such as changing the front kidney grilles with torque like the one installed in the current M6 with two lines of the M light alloy with the design of two BMW spokes, also some changes of the headlights to add Adaptive LED headlights In addition to Xenon lights as standard. The rear lights of the M5 F10 came with thin strips of LED lights to add a more attractive look to the car with high brightness and unmistakable visual of the night.

Series 4 Coupe Price and release date

The series 3, as we know, has no more coupe, the series 4 will replace it in production. The concept of the series 4 debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 and is totally different from the series 3 sedan, but still retains the headlights that join the kidneys. It is expected to be in showrooms by the end of 2013 and the convertible will follow. We recently heard about the Gran Series 4 coupe will be released after the launch of the coupe and convertible that will follow the concept of the Gran Coupe 6 series. According to the series 3 sedan and coupe before, was released was few differences between the two cars, but now the link between them has reduced as they become two different cars. Ian Robertson, sales and marketing director at BMW , told us. "It's more than a Series 3 sedan, has more presence and is more dynamic.