Dhow Cruise Dubai

An eye-catching activity in Dubai is Dhow Cruising, undoubtedly. One must experience Dhow Cruise once in the lifetime. Most people hear about it because of its charm and significance in the ancestral past of the region. Well, if you are new to Dubai and don’t know much about the history or details of Dhow Cruise, then this guide will be helpful for you. Keep on reading to have a piece of thorough information about the Dhow Cruise Dubai.

What is a Dhow Cruise?

For hundreds of years, Dhows have been chasing the waters of the Arabian Peninsula. They carry all manners of goods via the Persian Gulf to India, East Africa and beyond. Dubai, in reality, almost owes much of its current dexterity to the modest sailing vessels, which first brought priceless trade to the shores of the city. These days, a couple of operators offer dhow cruises along with dinner in Dubai, which indicates that you can enjoy the deal at any time.

What It Is Like To Take A Dhow Cruise?

Dhow Cruise is ideal for anyone who is looking for peace and relaxed atmosphere, as it is slow-paced and quiet. Usually, a dhow cruise starts after the sunset, and mostly you will spend around 2 to 3 hours depending on the type of dhow cruise you have selected. To take care of your needs, a devoted crew will be there from the minute you step into the Dhow through the cruise ends. The setting is surprisingly soothing with a cherished décor that evokes of a former era.

What Do You Expect on a Dhow Cruise in Dubai?

In the day time, boats operate sightseeing tours in and around Dubai Creek and the marina, offering amazing views of the unbelievable skyline of the city and sending cool sea waft through your hair.
The BurjKhalifa governs the city skyline while the waterfront Burj al-Arab and Atlantics Hotels become even more fabulous when observed from the water. Most of the sights of Dubai are covered with a Dhow Cruise tour. Ultimately, it is one of the best things to do in Dubai. As you join the Dhow Cruise in Dubai, the tour starts from the sunset and the focus shifts to dhow cruises with dinner. Many operators will offer fully immersive packages, which includes traditional music and Tanura dance performances as well. Other than that you will also enjoy a hearty buffet of Arabic gracefulness and more than that the chance to relish that thrilling skyline at night!

Locations of Dhow Cruises – Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina

Primarily, in Dubai, two places conduct dhow cruises such as Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. The onboard services made accessible in both locations are more or less identical, but what makes it particularly special are the views that you get to take pleasure during the cruise.

· Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Dubai Creek flows right through the heart of the city and has long been the lifeline of commerce in the city. Furthermore, the oldest neighbourhoods of the city are there on either side: Deira and Bur Dubai. DhowCruise Dubai Creek, in fact, offers you a closer look at the notable countryside of the region that studded with a mix of chic old structures crowned with wind towers, spice souks and appealing gold as well as the enthralling current sights. Throughout your cruise tour, you will get a genuine taste of the culture and history of Dubai.

· Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Though it is hard to pick between two cruise locations, if you want to experience the pulsating heart of contemporary Dubai with a touch of traditions and custom, then Dubai Marina is the best place ever. So don’t waste your time and get ready to enjoy the stunningly ground-breaking as the cruise makes its way into some of the most up to date architectural styles and unexpected sensations including Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm, etc.

What about Food on a Dhow Cruise

The food, along with the great setting and charming city skyline views, is the most crucial point of any dhow cruise. With a huge range of variety, you will get all kinds of tastes. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Asian food lover or Western, Continental, Mediterranean, or genuine native specialties, you will get all types of food deals. Other than that, you can even have an opportunity to enjoy a buffet dinner, which includes starters, salads, main course meals, and delightful desserts. For alcoholic lovers, different cash bars tend to provide drinks aboard.

How to Choose a Dhow Cruise

Remarkably, a dhow cruise is affordable, and you can simply choose a dhow cruise that goes with exclusive cruise inclinations. However, you need to find a consistent service provider with firm experience on sorting out a dhow cruise in Dubai. Definitely, it gives peace of mind when you hire some extraordinary service provider. Also, try to contact directly to your operator of the cruise, and there must not be an intermediary between your deals.

Bottom Line

Certainly, a dhow cruise in Dubai is an unforgettable experience, which you will never want to destroy. So make sure to get prepared in advance and you can also enjoy Dubai DesertSafari, no matter you are new to the place or a regular visitor. Enjoy your trip.