Bracelets And Other Jewelry

Whilst it is unlikely that a piece of jewellery or meaningful bracelet will win you the lottery, for many people, jewellery is a source of inspiration, meaning and reassurance that is thought to help promote good fortune. You can find out more about it at Moon Magic.

Throughout history, jewellery has been worn for its symbolism and meaning. We all own pieces that are sentimental to us and priceless. Whether it’s a gift that marks an important milestone in your life or you purchased a unique report on a memorable holiday. The jewellery that we wear holds significant meaning and power.

Meaningful jewellery also allows us to carry a reminder of our loved ones close to our hearts and can be a source of emotional connection. The reassurance and positivity such a piece of jewellery can bring cannot be underestimated. It’s all about a positive mental attitude! We look at the most potent jewellery symbols and how you, too, can find your perfect good luck charm to boost your positivity and fortunes simultaneously!

Charm bracelets

The most sentimental of all jewellery pieces is the charm orgonite bracelet, which is often given as a gift to a young child or newborn baby. You can add individual charms to this timeless piece of jewellery throughout your life and build a collection of memories and good luck charms.

A charm bracelet is complete with the ultimate good luck symbol, a horseshoe. The tradition of the lucky horseshoe can be traced back to the 16th Century. They are thought to protect against evil and bring good luck. They are often found on buildings and must always be hung with the points up to retain good luck.

The four-leaf clover is another famous lucky symbol from the West. The 4 leaves represent love, faith, hope and luck. The chances of finding a four-leaf clover are around 1:10,000, so it’s easy to see why they are considered so lucky.

When creating your own charm bracelet, the options are endless. Many jewellery brands offer a wide variety of designer bracelets in sterling silver or gold that can be customised with individual charms to create your own personalised bracelet full of your favourite lucky charms!

Dreamcatcher jewellery

One of the most popular lucky jewellery symbols is the dreamcatcher, representing good fortune and the ability to achieve your dreams. Dreamcatchers originate from Native American tribes that hand-made these intricate amulets to protect their families. They were hung over the beds of family members and were thought to trap evil spirits.

Dreamcatcher jewellery is the perfect sentiment if you want to give a friend or loved one a motivational boost and help them reduce the negative energy in their life.

Saint Christopher

Known as the patron saint of travellers, Saint Christopher is one of the most popular saints in the Western World. Whether in a pendant necklace or a signet ring, men and women carry the meaningful symbol of Saint Christopher daily.

We all have a go-to necklace that we love to throw on each day and goes with any outfit – a Saint Christopher necklace is perfect! No matter what life throws your way, a lucky Saint Christopher talisman is believed to bring protection and deliver you to your destination safely.

Lucky Gemstones

Many believe gemstones have special healing powers and can prevent bad luck and promote good fortune. The beautiful purple gemstone Amethyst is thought to calm emotions and bring clarity. In contrast, the pink stone Rose Quartz is believed to remove negativity and promote harmony and balance in your daily life.

You may just like gemstone jewellery for its subtle colours and pretty feminine tones, but for many people, they are far more powerful. Singing crystals on your skin is t help the positive flow of energy and draw out the negative energy from around your body. Healing crystals are also used in the prevention of disease and curing illnesses.

Religious symbols

The Hamsa Hand, or the Hand of Fatima, is a hugely popular symbol that features many pieces of silver and gold jewellery. We all need a helping hand from time to time, and this meaningful talisman is thought to offer protection and bring happiness to the wearer.

The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol that has appeared throughout history and is found on many pieces of jewellery. This cross-like talisman, often worn as a pendant, is also known as a symbol of eternal life, wisdom and fertility and brings luck and good fortune to all who carry it.

The reassurance and positivity that lucky jewellery brings us are very powerful. Whether they get lucky themselves or simply change our attitudes about what is and isn’t possible is unsure. But there is no doubt that if lucky talismans give us a more positive outlook, they will always be a force for good!