Voting Awareness

The first thing that one must understand while thinking about basic rights is the voting right. Well, have you ever thought why do people vote? Many actually fail to understand the importance of voting. And this is because of a lack of knowledge and awareness. The first reason to vote which is the most essential part is to make a change. And this change is the progress and development of a nation and its people.

From tax policies to better communication and education, voting right gives the people of a country power to change the previous condition to a better version. It proves your decision-making skills. So here comes the necessity to learn about the existence of this basic right. Let’s read on to know more in detail as ETV Bharat News brings to you the unbiased discussion.

With the start of the discussion regarding basic rights and how much this country’s people know about that, one must focus on the most significant part: Delhi’s status and very capability to influence the mood of the mass through the Lok Sabha elections. Here the major parties fight to gain the throne and establish dominance.

So Why Delhi To Be An Influencer?

Because it is a cosmopolitan city and has evolved to become a place without any casteism. The early picture of a ‘Punjab city’ has vanished nowadays and also balanced the national capital’s community. With the growth of various government and private job opportunities and offices, people from the different state has gathered and settled in Delhi and that has changed the scenario of the type of population. No doubt that this place would be the major voting bank.

Issues That Voters Must Know

Delhi Chief Minister said that the city’s problem will get solved by the full statehood for Delhi. This may not seem to happen anytime soon and would probably not work out positive as Delhi has its certain requirements. From jobs to progress, pollution to crime and corruption, problems are immense in the city that cannot be solved with any one-time resolution. It is more than important for political parties to stop encouraging certain corruptions and criminal activities to see any kind of progress. For instance, despite the Supreme court orders, many commercial projects are rising in the residential zones of the city and political parties often do nothing about it.

Key Parties

In Delhi, the BJP, AAP and the Congress are the main parties. The AAP has 67 seats in the Delhi assembly. At present Congress has no seat in the assembly. Yet the former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit still holds respect and goodwill.

Current Mood In Delhi

In 2015 AAP formed the government when the hype with the Lokpal bill was going on. However, people realised that this party was no longer for corruption. They are trying their best to get acquainted with Congress and make them allies for the Lok Sabha Election 2019. Although this party has done well to improve the education system and the health department, still full statehood is not something people are going to fall for.

All you can do for now is wait and see how things turn this election season. And stay tuned with ETV Bharat, the unbiased news portal.