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Many people would often wish to save money for their next vacation but do not have an idea of how to go about it. Others even start, well-motivated with the idea, but fall off track along the way and end up canceling the adventure trip.

What people should realize is that they do not need to break the bank for them to have their intended vacation. Reality is, if people want to go on a trip, they can do so comfortably by prioritizing their spending and saving for the holiday.

With saving, the longer one has before the departure date, the more money he or she can save. No matter how tight your budget is, there are many ways to put aside some extra money dedicated to your upcoming adventure.

The following are five simple strategies to help you save for your adventure:

 Decide on the date of the vacation early

As mentioned, planning enables one ample time to accumulate the funds necessary for the holiday. One can split the overall vacation budget into more days, avoiding the burden of having to cut out huge chunks of cash from daily and monthly spending.

Planning allows for more time to pick vacation destinations, hotels, or activities that will help save money during the trip. One can make use of holiday package discounts which will go a long way to reduce the cost of the journey.

Different vacation spots often charge different rates at different times of the year. One should research the rate differences and choose the time when the prices are more conducive with the budget.

Determine the cost and budget for the vacation

After picking out the destination and determining the date of the journey, it is now time to establish how much the trip will cost. Write down all the expenses related to the holiday, starting with the costliest items like accommodation and transport, to the least expensive like sunglasses. Consider installing a roof rack basket on your vehicle to allow you to carry most of the things you need, like surfing boards, etc. Bringing your things will save you the money you would otherwise use to hire them.

Go through the list and ensure you have not left out anything. Then, cross out from the record, the items that you can do without to lessen the budget. You will have established how much the dream vacation will cost.

Budgeting for the trip will involve four things; how much income one has, how much can one periodically save from the income, and how long does one have until the departure date.

Divide the fixed cost of the trip with the time until the journey is due to get the amount you require to put aside every month to actualize the vacation.

From the current income one has, he or she needs to do away with unnecessary expenditures or substantially reduce them to allocate the extra money to save for the trip. These expenditures may include eating out, alcohol, entertainment subscriptions, etc.

Ensure that the money put aside is more than the amount required for the trip per month.

Save Money for Your Next Adventure
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Supplement the regular income with another to fund the vacation

Getting an additional source of income is an excellent way to accumulate money for a vacation because it allows you to get what you want without cutting down on your lifestyle.

There are several ways to earn extra money; some people rent their homes to companies like Airbnb while they are on vacation and get back the money they use when away.

Others work an extra shift to earn more overtime allowances which they dedicate to save for vacations. Bonuses and incentives are also a good source of extra money for vacation planning.

Supplementing regular income is easier for people who are paid extra commissions at work because they can choose to dedicate specific clients or commissions only to the vacation fund.

Automate the holiday saving process

Successful saving plans require discipline and dedication. It is easier for one to achieve a saving target when they dedicate the money to be saved directly through a financial institution. That way, one will not be tempted to spend beyond the proposed budget and eat into the intended savings amount. Banks and insurance companies offer holiday saving packages and are ideal for vacations that are a long way in the future.

Join up and travel in packs

Unless you are vacationing as a family, it is always a better idea to go with one or two friends. You will get to cost-share on car hire and fuel charges; especially if you are traveling light or your vehicle has a spacious roof track storage. You can save up on accommodation charges by getting shared rooms in hotels. You will also share the cost of food and entertainment activities during the trip.


Vacations are necessary for people to relax and rejuvenate themselves. Planning for them is easy, but honoring the budget for them is not that easy. Budgeting takes strategy, dedication, and discipline. That being said, the ways discussed are but a few of the numerous tricks you can use to get the funds necessary for your dream vacation.