Jeff Samis Online Training

Creating wealth and turning a profit will never grow old for people. People want to succeed at living their dream lives while they put something away for fun, old age, and our progeny. Fortunately, some individuals have found the formula and want to teach others how to do the same.

This article is a Jessica and Jeff Samis review for their online training course, The Profit League, TPL.

What Is The Profit League?

The thrust of the online training course focuses on two areas: Facebook Ads and online advertising. The couple, Jeff and Jessica Samis, are exceedingly skilled at developing lucrative Facebook Ads and advertising for online clients.

They have developed training to transfer their vital skills to individuals who want to enjoy similar successes with Facebook Ads.

Start by Visiting Their Website

Interested parties will visit their website,, and choose between two options. Click "Proof" and enter a selection where you receive a lot of information and videos about Profit League.

Click "Apply" and get more information about Profit Leagues and an opportunity to make an appointment. Applicants cannot register until they have conversed with a successful member and their seriousness to succeed is determined.

Become a Member And Get Clients

Now that the interview is complete and you can register, you become a member and begin getting help to find clients and leads. New applicants learn how to make Facebook Ads and AdWord campaigns for the new clients that they have drummed up.

Learn About Online Advertising

Two of the most renowned specialists in the industry teach new members about developing online advertising. They share their copywriting skills and tips, free ads, paid advertising, and automated email campaigns.

Training and Tools of the Profit League

  • Drumming up traffic: learn how to attract traffic to your website.
  • Conversion: once the traffic comes, learn how to turn it into sales
  • 20+ ready-to-use campaigns: Profit League has set up more than twenty promotions that you can use with your clients. Fill in your customer's details and launch the campaigns.
  • Live Webinars each Week: Receive ongoing weekly training and keep up-to-date with innovations and new methods in Facebook Ads and online advertising.
  • Scripts: Learn the compelling ways to use hands in emails and ads.
  • Support on TPL Facebook Community: engage with other members of the Facebook community and get assistance from various experiences. Use the community platform to contact Jeff Samis to clear up any learning challenges.
  • Cost: TPL charges a one-time fee of $3,999, which is nonrefundable.

Building Up Your Business

The Profit League will instruct members through the four stages of building a business. You learn how to generate a list of leads and clients for your ads. You also know how to create a place for clients to subscribe to get your campaigns (e.g., website, landing page).

Final Thoughts

The Profit League training is excellent for anyone who wants to learn the best skills for Facebook Ads and online advertising. The movement is easy to follow, and the materials are simple to use, making it overall a course that will give you online advertising skill sets.

Members learn how to use Facebook Ads effectively and become advertising gurus themselves. It may be an expensive course since there are many others one can take; evaluate the cost-benefit for yourself.