boxing diet

Your muscle and health state will negatively decline if you do not consume a diversification of nutrition and enough volume of food. Some people are even in an extremely bad situation because they break the rule of a sports diet.

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However, different people have different body state that requires specific nutrient or vitamin. So, the best advice is to get your blood work done within 6 months on any diet, to see if you ‘re low on anything.

Even some practitioners were born for sport. Their body can self-generate those supplements with ease that others might have to take a pill instead.

In contrast, several boxers have physical weaknesses at first which immensely slow down their progression. By building a solid foundation with patient and enthusiasm, this obstacle will be erased but in a long period of time.

What Is In The Meal?


With athletes, protein intake does matter. We always need a good amount of protein to gain and maintain muscle.

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We work out hard to break muscle out then takes protein to recover and expand. However, as we said earlier, protein requirements are going to vary from man to man.

This substance is easy to find in almost food such as meat, fish, chicken, nuts, and vegetable. To maximize its benefit, you should consider some part of the food that has less fat.


Too many fats disfigure your body shape, but no fat makes your work’s result go nowhere.

Fat is responsible for the construction of every cell in our body and the regulation of most bodily functions.

Fat produces a substance named lipid molecules that plays a vital role in cells’ health. Therefore, you need enough amount of healthy fat in your meal to have beautiful skin and nails, reducing cholesterol and undermine the risk of heart disease.


Carb is a huge potential source of energy for the human being that cannot be taken out from diet plan. It is not as bad as low-carb fan telling you. With high-intense training, you would need more carb to push your body limit.

Obviously, good advice is to stay away from processed food as much as possible. Here is some healthy food that provides plenty of carbs:

Yams, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fresh corn, brown rice, whole grain pasta, oats, rye, quinoa, muesli, and 100% whole grain bread/wraps


To compliment your meal plan, we suggest that you train for 6 months to see what nutrient you ‘re low in. Then finding your meal plan based supplement that is the best fit for your state.

Supplement and vitamin essential to your health. They support to connect between damaged muscle and speed up the recovery process. In addition, with enough nutrient, you always have a clear mind to start a new training session.


Keeping hydration means taking enough water before, during and after the exercise. Its benefit is undeniable to your body such as:
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Transporting blood and nutrient to the necessary area
  • Lubricate your joints
Without hydration, your body cannot perform at its limit. Some negative effects may occur that causes you a long time to recover and disrupt your training.