Internet Speed Testing

Whether you are browsing the internet, downloading files or streaming online content, the fact remains that internet speed is key. Poor internet speed is very challenging and it makes your online experience cumbersome. For the best online experience, there is the need to have a strong internet connection as well as a speed tester for finding out how fast your connection is. It is likely that your internet service provider will not deliver as promised. For that reason, you need to invest in an internet speed tester like Snelheid internet so that you can find out if your ISP is offering what you paid for. With such, you can comfortably download videos or stream from various online sites and platforms efficiently.

There are quite a number of things that you should understand as internet services user regarding internet speed testing and as a beginner. That way you will be able to know when there are internet related issues so that the right measures can be taken. Understanding what Mbps is for instance is vital. It is actually the unit measurement of the data transfer speed per second. When the megabits are higher, your streaming, downloading and uploading services will be faster. When they are lower, you will experience downtimes. Let us have a look at how speedtest works and the main surrounding issues.

Topics Surrounding Internet Speed Testing

  • These are some of the main issues that are related to internet speed testing;
  • Download speed; this explains the speeds utilized when downloading files to your computer from a particular server. The internet speed tester of your choice like the Snelheid internet can help you find out the download speed of any file.
  • The upload speed. This on the other hand shows you the internet speed which it takes to transfer a file from your PC to a web server. It is measured in Mbps and when compared to the download speed, this is usually slower with a majority of Internet Service Providers.
  • Latency. This explains the urgency or time within which your internet service responds to a request. It is usually expressed in milliseconds. Your internet speed tester will also be able to show you the response time when you are accessing various internet based services like streaming online video or playing online games. If the latency is low, then the response time will be fast and vice versa.
  • It is important to note that there are a number of things that can affect your internet speed. Knowing them can help you rectify slow internet speeds issues. These include;
  • The number of devices using your internet. Multiple devices sharing a single source of internet can affect the internet speed because of the shared band width. Only share few devices on internet with higher speed that they can comfortably share.
  • The ISP in question. Your ISP can lower your internet speed once you’ve reached a certain internet usage threshold depending on the period you have subscribed for
  • The timing factor. If you access the internet at the time when your fellow internet subscribers are also using then chances are that the internet will be slow because of the sharing.