There is a high chance that you already know about CBD oil and some of the benefits that you could get it from it. Unlike other components of Cannabis, CBD oil lacks the psychoactive element which is why is preferred by a lot of people. It has become useful in several medical applications. So many brands are already producing it and you can read their review online such as cbdistillery review. Before you can start thinking about how to Buy CBD oil Portland OR, it is important that you know about the basics of CBD oil. Here are some little known facts about CBD oil that you will find interesting and worth knowing.

1. It has Several Medicinal Properties

Numerous studies all point to the fact that CBD oil possesses several properties which can be used for medicinal functions. Some of these properties include:
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiemetic
  • Antipsychotic
  • Anticonvulsant
  • Antidepressant.

2. Can Be Derived From Both Hemp and Marijuana

There is a lot of misinformation about CBD on the internet. One of the common misconceptions is that CBD oil can only be derived from the cannabis plant. On the contrary, CBD can also be found in the Hemp plant. The only difference is that CBD composition is much lower in Marijuana. In hemp, CBD forms the biggest portion of the composition.

You might be wondering why sharing this information is so important. Hemp grows faster and the quality of output is more controlled. It should be noted that there are different varieties of hemp and not all of them will contain the same quality of CBD.

3. CBD is Actually “Psychoactive”

You might have read a couple of CBD facts and there are some that are completely misleading. It is easy to note that CBD oil has been classified as “non-psychoactive” almost everywhere you check it out. While it is perfectly fine to state that CBD oil won’t cause a high, it is scientifically incorrect to say that it doesn’t have “psychoactive” properties. There are some researchers who are of the opinion that CBD oil should be labeled as “non-intoxicating” instead of “none-psychoactive”

4. Can Help in Managing Cannabinoid Deficiency

CBD oil can help in addressing nutritional deficiency in the body. There are circumstances where the endocannabinoid system is incapable of keeping the body balanced. Including CBD oil in your diet could help in curbing the cannabinoid deficiency.

5. Growers Can Breed High-CBD Plants

It should be noted that not all cannabis has the same amount of cannabinoid. Consumers have the option of choosing from 1000 thousand different strains. The strains are different when analyzing their chemical composition. Cannabis growers are able to produce high-quality CBD because of crossbreeding. High-CBD strains have become popular because they’re more effective when it comes to treatment.

6. FDA Involvement

The CBD industry has been growing exponentially in the last couple of years. That is why the FDA has decided to become more involved to help with the regulation. There are also putting measures in place which will make it easier for researchers to carry out more studies on the CBD plant.

7. Two Main Forms of Extraction

CBD oil is mainly extracted from the flowers, leaves, and the stalk of the cannabis plant. The first method of extraction involves the use of a solvent to extract the compounds from the plant. In most high-end processes, CO2 is usually used as a solvent. The extraction method will have a significant impact on the final output in terms of quality. If you’re buying CBD oil, you should make sure that you’re aware of the extraction process. 

8. People are Getting it in Many Forms
There are several ways in which CBD is being consumed. The main CBD product has to be the oil which has become very popular among consumers. Other products include cosmetics, topical creams, chocolate, gummies, and CBD tincture.  There are products meant for animals too. Click here, if you want to know more.

9. Know What You’re Buying

You shouldn’t be buying CBD oil from just any other person. Since you might not know what to look for, you could end up buying something that is completely different from CBD oil. A good idea would be to buy from a supplier that has done independent third-party testing. This provides the assurance that you’re buying high-quality CBD. You should also ask if the product is made from full-spectrum CBD or isolate CBD. Ideally, you should be looking for full spectrum CBD as it has more CBD composition. Make sure you’re also asking about the method of extraction so that the highest quality of CBD oil is assured.