Google Ads have always been a top-yielding platform for generation traffic full of potential customers to the website.

Google Ads possess this incredible ability to place your ad at the moment when someone is searching for that particular product or service. However, it might cost you a lot if you make the same mistakes that most people make, and that too unknowingly. Read on to uncover some of the errors people tend to make while using Google Ads.

1. Misjudging the keywords for an ad campaign

Thinking hypothetically, if a vending machine business in Boston desires to go online, then they will most probably tend to bid on keywords such as - buy the vending machine in the USA, vending machines in Boston, buy a vending machine, etc. After bidding on all the useful keywords, Google’s keyword suggestion tool will suggest keywords such as “how to repair vending machines” and they instantly bid on this one too. This is where the big blunder begins.

No matter if this keyword has the ability to drive in potential customers, the conversion rate will be little to none for such keywords. This is so because the audience who searched how to repair a vending machine might not be interested in buying a brand new vending machine. This manipulation of bidding over keywords via Google’s suggestion tool results in most wasted spending.

2. The imbalance between the combo of head terms and long tails.

Everybody desires to balance and so do search engines. It is important to ensure the keywords you use have a balance between the primary terms and the long-tail keywords.

By way of illustration, if you intend to write about traveling, you could go with 2 possible keywords namely traveling [which in this case is the primary term] and how to travel cheap [which in this case is the long tail]. It is important to remember that when it comes to primary terms, you will be targeting only 30% of internet users. The other 70% focuses on long-tail keywords. Use a tool like UberSuggest to find long-tail keywords you can target.

3. Wasted spending due to the automation of Google Ads 

Google Ads contains two networks within its analytics and digital marketing networking system. Two of them are - Search network & Display network.

The search network ensures that your advertisement gets displayed over and under the search results displayed by Google. The less familiar display network is turned on by default via Google

Ads. This Google Ads mistake due to its automation will diverge the potential and current traffic from your website, as nobody likes advertisements barging in every webpage they open. If there was a choice between the two as I would advise you to choose the search network because in my findings it provides the best conversion rate for my clients.

4. Not being flexible with regional trends

One of the worst errors a local business can make while running their own digital marketing campaign is ignoring the area in their radius. In their initial start-up months, most local businesses tend to go for rather aggressive bidding which focuses the entire country instead of focussing on the area they are evenly spread in - the city. When you are a local business and plan to go nationwide via your ad campaign with Google, then it'll be a tough job to achieve.

This is so because when you go into the national market, you'll be competing against the market giants, which may prove to be another wasted spending. However, when you're a local business and focus on the place where you're based or an area within 30 miles radius of your store, you will have a great click to conversion rate and hence greater revenue.

5. Commitment

Every keyword doesn't drive in traffic instantly. For most of them, you have to wait a bit. But committing to a certain set of keywords is a mistake you should definitely avoid if you want to take your digital marketing campaign to the top. Just as human behavior changes, the keywords which possess the ability to drive traffic to your websites keep on changing.

You should be well aware of the continuous and unchecked growth of the market and the urgency to modify your keywords accordingly. See for yourself which keywords are delivering more traffic and which are lacking. Changing keywords according to the current marketing trends and customer needs can prevent wasted spend. Need a digital marketing agency Los Angeles check out this page.

6. Delegating too early

When you start a digital marketing campaign for your business for the first time, the best option is to run it by yourself. But if you hand over all the charges to an employee, remember you will again be punching your pocket. Being unresponsive and unaware of your own digital marketing campaign might mean you lose the opportunity to get your website to reach almost all the potential customers in your niche.

When you hand over the campaign to an employee, no matter how seasoned he or she is, you will always have a sense of insecurity and lack of knowledge about your own ad campaign on Google Ads. You can opt to work with an internet marketing consultant and once you have a sound knowledge of your own advertising campaign, then delegating the campaign to your employees is a good idea.

7. Not tracking your conversion rate

The conversion rate is a definition of success for your Google Ads marketing campaign. Conversion can vary from organization to organization. For some, conversion equals a call back inquiry through the link provided. For others, it is an order placed through the advertisement.

But the success rate or conversion rate should be kept as a record for optimizing your future ads as well as bidding on the right keywords.

8. Excluding Ad extensions and Negative keywords

Ad extensions are the highlighted buttons underneath or above an advertisement on which different niches are mentioned. Some of the ad extensions display a call me button, while others show the place order button. These extensions act very effectively as they prompt the potential customers to click on them and thus the conversion rate gets increased. Also, adding extensions makes the process a bit hassle-free for potential customers.

Most new marketers also tend to believe that negative keywords will adversely affect their reputation but it's not like that. Taking an example, if you add 'worst’ keyword to your ad, and if someone searches 'the worst vending machine’, then, thanks to you, your advertisement won't appear in the risk and hence your reputation will be safeguarded as well.


These were some mistakes you should be aware of while using Google Ads. Google Ads can be both a gift and a concern. Remember Google is a corporation in business to make money and their major source of revenue comes from Google Ads. By incorporating the tips in this article you can use the platform to grow your business in a responsible manner.