Stay Healthy While Working from Home

When working from home, most people think about the benefits rather than the disadvantages. With around 4 million Americans working from home, certain elements cause concern. One of these elements is the issue of how to stay healthy while working from home.

Home workers are less active than those who must go to and from an office or other location daily. For many home-based jobs, the lifestyle could be considered too sedentary to be completely healthy.

With more and more home-based jobs appearing in the modern workforce, this issue needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Here are seven key ways to stay healthy while working from home.

1. Design A Dedicated Office

The more ‘work like’ you can make your home office, the healthier you will be. Unique office space in a separate room is much more ideal than working at your kitchen table or sitting on the sofa in the living room.

One reason is that when you are working in a professional-style environment, you won’t be so tempted to venture to the fridge to snack throughout the day. Working from home and the temptation to eat is a dangerous combination. You base yourself on the further away from the kitchen, the better.

Another reason is that staying motivated in a work-like setting is more accessible. There are fewer distractions.

2. Invest in A Standing Desk

Whether you work from home or not, sitting down for most of the day isn’t the healthiest thing to do as it can negatively affect your posture, putting a strain on your neck, shoulders, and back.

The more ergonomic your workspace design, the better, and you should consider a standing desk. If buying a separate standing desk isn't convenient, you can use a standing desk converter, which is easy to put up and put away.

The difference between standing for an extended period and sitting for a long period can significantly impact your health. Good posture is essential to stopping minor aches and pains over a working day.

3. Buy A Good Chair

Invest in a good quality office chair for periods that you are sitting to work rather than using a standing desk. Lousy posture equals terrible health, and a good chair can do wonders to ensure that your spine is aligned correctly and comfortably.

Working at a computer all day can lead to many aches and pains that you carry with you daily. Add: Make sure you have a chair that supports your back and gives you good posture, which is essential to staying healthy at home. If you are considering buying top-quality work-from-home chairs in Singapore, you must check out

Sit properly in your chair, and do not slouch. Make sure your chair is adjustable. You should be able to sit comfortably with your back straight, knee bent, with feet flat on the floor.

4. Stay Healthy While Working from Home by Setting A Schedule

Take a moment to think about how you behave at home on the weekend. Your days off are most likely filled with casual TV watching and social lounging with friends and family around the house.

The problem that many at-home workers sometimes have is that they can’t get out of weekend mode and into weekday mode when their scenery has not changed. The best way to help with achieving this mentality is to write up and stick to a strict schedule for your weekdays.

If you were working under scrutiny in an office, you wouldn’t get away with procrastinating for thirty minutes out of every hour. By having a schedule clearly marked out and in plain sight, you will be more motivated to keep working at a good pace.

5. Plan Small Active Breaks

To stay healthy and active when working at home, include small, active breaks throughout the day in your schedule. If you have a yard/garden, aim to take a few laps around it every hour. This will help your body to stay active and not get stuck in a sedentary state.

Get up mov,e around, and do a few small stretches. It is important not to let the body get too stiff or too settled in a single position.

6. Get to The Gym in Free Time

People who work from home should compensate for their inactivity by using a local gym as often as possible. Those who aren’t as active in everyday life need to make more effort to make up for it in the gym.

Find a series of exercises that suit your preferences and build a routine that makes your body and mind feel good. If you don’t like the gym, find some other exercise you enjoy, like swimming, tennis, or dancing.

7. Get Advice from The Community

A considerable number of work-from-home blogs floating around on the internet provide lots of helpful information. Sometimes, it is better to get tips and tricks from people who are in the same situation as you and can understand your daily routine.

‘Life hacks’ are viral online, and you should not be surprised to find any number of life hacks relating to working from home and staying healthy.

As you can see, there are several great tips to ensure you stay healthy while working from home. Ultimately, determining what works best for you individually is a trial and error. Once you find a routine that fits your day and lifestyle, there is no reason you can’t be as healthy as any other kind of worker.

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