Electronics Gifts

In this era of changing technology and continuous advancement, there is an urgent need to be updated and informed about every electronic gadget which is being invented in this electronic world. Most of the electronic gadgets get outdated too soon and thus to gift someone an electronic gadget especially when he/she is a technology lover, one must be attentive and careful while buying gadgets because they must be cool, in trend and also easy to your pocket. There are lots of gadget review sites available, where you can get some idea if you are looking for electronic gifts for men.

1. Philips Somneo Lamp :

Philips Somneo lamp is one of the best and latest technologies that we have seen in the lamps. It is not just a lamp, it is also an alarm clock, with so many cool options. It can play F.M. radio, it can play songs from your phone, it can wake you up to the natural sound of nature. This lamp alarm can set the brightness itself when the sun comes up in the morning the lights get low. It has a power snooze feature that will help you wake up faster. It also takes care of your sleeping pattern and your overall well being.

2. SoundBot Bluetooth hat:

If you are searching for “electronic gifts for men” or “electronic gift ideas for men”, this one gadget is perfect. SoundBot Bluetooth hat is a combination of a beanie and wireless Bluetooth headset. It is really comfortable to wear because of its fabric that is soft and warm. This hat is compatible with most of the devices and can help you receive calls and listen to music.

3. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit:

With 0.45x wide-angle lens, 15x macro lens and rechargeable led fill light Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is a perfect choice for everyone who wants to take great quality pictures from their phone camera. This is a cool gadget and you will see the difference in your photos when you click it with this. It is compatible with almost all phones, be it dual camera or one single camera.

4. Amazon smart plug:

Ever imagined about controlling the appliances of your home from your voice, like some of those cool Hollywood movies show. Amazon smart plug is here to help you fulfill your imagination. You can use it and pair it up with Alexa and then control all the electrical appliances with your voice. This is one of the best electronic gift gadgets available.

5. LuMee Duo selfie phone case:

This one is a cool gadget for anyone. From a long time, phone cases have only been used for the purpose of protection or for adding to its looks, but this is not a normal phone case, LuMee Duo selfie phone case has built-in lighting that makes the pictures taken from your phone look studio quality. This adds up to your picture quality and makes them look professional, it is supported by almost all phones including the iPhone. In this case, you get a feature to select the type of light you want with just a button. It is easy to use and super cool to show off in front of your friends.

6. GE Enbrighten light switch:

GE Enbrighten light switch is a next-generation light switch which is Alexa compatible, mobile phone compatible, works with all smart things and is a wireless technology supporting 120V voltage. It has a wireless range of about 150 feet which is massive and very impressive. It requires a Z- Wave certified gateway and neutral wire connection and is a perfect example of speed, accuracy and ultra-modern technology to control things.

7. RapidX X5 car charger :

RapidX X5 car charger is the most suitable gadget to gift because of its high utility and advantageous features. It comes with five intelligent USB ports which detects the device and delivers the lightning-fast charging and support fast charging depending upon the type of device being charged. It has a 5 feet cable and works with 12v to 24v vehicle outlets and cigarette lighters. This car charger is very attractive in looks and is available in a variety of colors like blue, pink, purple, grey and many more. It is endorsed with a sleek design and charges up to twice the speed of most of the chargers. This car charger is available at a very pocket-friendly price.

Final Thoughts

These are the 7 Best Unique electronic gifts for men, don’t you feel they are cool, and useful too. These Unique gadgets online can be bought for yourself too. Don’t forget to read as many as gadgets review before buying and always read the latest gadget review because these gadgets are improved every few months as the technology keeps updating. There are many websites where some of these products will be available and the price can differ on each of those websites, so always check all the websites for the best price and quality.