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5 Essential Jungle Survival Tips

Jungle Survival

What would you do if you were lost in the mountains, wilderness or perhaps a jungle? Where would you get your food and water? How would you survive?

Now say you were lucky enough not to be eaten by the wild animals or die after being exposed to the harsh elements, what would be your next move? Here are some tips that can help you successfully survive the wilderness as collected from among other places

Build a shelter and start a fire

In order for you to survive, you have to maintain your body temperature. You need to not only know how to warm your body in below zero temperatures but also how to cool it off when need arises. Accordingly, one of the first things you should do is make shelter using tree branches and leaves.

You can make fire using eyeglasses and some dry sticks/twigs. What you do is focus the eyeglass lens on some twigs. The sun rays create a single point of heat which eventually causes the twigs/sticks to catch fire.

You can also light fire using your phone’s lithium battery and sticks. For sticks, all you are required to do is roll them in a log and create friction. This is one of oldest and most common methods of making fire when you are out in the wilderness.

Learn to find water

Obviously, if you are going to survive, you need water. There are a number of ways to find water:

Look for grazing animals as often times; grazing animals go to watering holes at dawn and dusk. Accordingly, by following them, they may just lead you to water.

You may not know this but dew is a source of water. Dew is present on plants early in the morning. It may not be enough to quench your thirst but it is better than nothing.

If it has recently rained in the jungle, you are likely to find stagnant water. It is important that you boil the water before drinking as it may not be safe.

Finding food

When it comes to food, indigenous and non-harmful plants will go a long way to helping you survive in the jungle. Some of the things you can eat while in the jungle include acorns from oak trees, pine, and grass. It is interesting to know that grass contains water and carbohydrates, which are essential to the body.

Hunting and trapping

Hunting and trapping is another way of getting food. If you have a gun, it is important that you use it as a safety tool and not for hunting purposes. Setting traps is the best way and you can set as many as possible to increase the chances of getting more food.

Travel and resting

The jungle presents numerous obstacles in terms of trees and plants that block your path. It is for this reason that you should do all your traveling during the day and rest at night. Make sure you travel in one direction and make marks to avoid going in circles.

Look for trails left by animals, if you are lucky, they might lead you to open places in the jungles, which will increase your chances of being rescued.

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